Ex Nihilo 2 – How to obtain the materials!

wolf23362 / Pixabay
wolf23362 / Pixabay


Common Stuff


Sift gravel to get iron and flint from sieves. You are able to get iron from zombies, iron golems.


Get gold from pigman farms in the nether.

Other Mod Metals

With those sources of metals, you’ll be able to use the alchemy system (not yet implemented) to transmute them into other metals.


Make and cook black slime.


Blaze powder from blaze rods from blazes (not yet implemented) using the summoning system (not yet implemented).

Other Stuff


Get bones from skeletons and other mobs.


It comes from creepers.

Ghast tears

Too bad so sad you still have to fight ghasts.

Nether quartz

Get it by sifting soul sand.


Your going to have disinfect a zombie villager and the trade with it to get the emeralds.


Make black emeralds and then implode them, don’t blow up your island!


Kill a witch.


Kill a witch.

Miscellaneous Other Stuff

And the other stuff you can get but just have to be a experimental enough to find out how: grass, podzol, mycelium, melons, pumpkins, sugarcane, carrots, potatoes, oak saplings, spruce saplings, birch saplings, jungle saplings, dark oak saplings and acacia saplings.


Lapis and cocoa beans. (not yet implemented)


If you have updates to this list please comment below.