Extra Food by dmf444, mincrmatt12, TennePG

Extra Food Mod

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“Part of the secret of success in life is to eat what you like…” -Mark Twain

In a game full of creativity and adventure, it hinders your gameplay when you have to stop to kill some cows or harvest those carrots. Something needs to be done, and you think you’ve finally found the solution to all your bland needs. Extra Food!

Look at all that food!

This mod adds some 20+ new foods, that you can create and enjoy! We are still tweaking the balance of all the different foods, and cleaning up a few bugs, but we hope that you enjoy all the new foods. We know Steve will.

The Knowledge of Chef

The fastest way to start creating your own foods is to make a Cookbook. In a chef’s world, this is the only way to find and remember your recipes!

[Note: The Apple can be replaced by: raw beef, raw porkchop, carrot, potato or fish]

The old textures are slowly being phased out, with new ones coming from @TennePG. If you like them, go follow !

Every push I make to Github is automatically built with DroneIO. If you want to live on the edge of life (with potentially world crashing builds) then go here: Beta Builds Mirrored on Curse




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