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A while ago I started tinkering with Minecraft modding as a way to better learn java. I had no serious intentions of ever making a proper mod so I basically threw in every silly and stupid idea that came to me. Most didn’t work or were impractical for a real server but there were a few that I felt had potential and even some that I heard other users wishing they had. So I’ve decided to take the best ideas, polish it up and release it to the community and see if anyone else likes it.



Angel Block

This block is your best friend when working in the sky in creative mode or in water far from land, since it doesn’t need a solid surface to be placed. Just right-click the air and the block will appear in front of you. Then when you left-click the block to break it, it will break instantly and will automatically enter your inventory (survival mode only).

Blackout Curtains

These dark curtains allow you to keep that pesky light out certain areas without closing them off entirely. Blackout curtains will reduce light by approximately half its maximum and can be passed through easily.

Block Update Detector

This block replicates the standard vanilla BUD in one block. If an adjacent block is updated the BUD will send out a one tick redstone pulse and then go inactive for three ticks to allow the redstone time to calm down. Adjacent BUDs will not trigger each other.

Block Update Detector (Advanced)

This is an upgraded version of the regular BUD. It will detect any change in block id or metadata or tile-entity data without needing a block update to occur. You can right-click on the advanced BUD with a wrench to select a single side to output a redstone signal on.


Have you ever wanted more ways to show off your fabolous wealth and oppulance? Well here”s a diamond-gold chandelier that you can hang from the ceiling. It gives off slightly more light than a regular torch or glowstone and serves as a constant reminder to the riff-raff who”s the boss (Hint it’s you).
In addition it will prevent mobs from spawning within 16 blocks, regardless of whether there is a clear line of sight to the chandelier.

Colored Bricks

This adds 16 colored versions of regular bricks to the game with the added benefit that you can change the color palette within a chunk. For example, if you right click on a red colored brick with some cactus green, it will become a slightly greenish red brick and all other red colored bricks in the local 16×16 chunk will change as well.

Colored Wood Planks

This adds 16 colored versions of regular wood planks to the game with the added benefit that you can change the color palette within a chunk. For example, if you right click on a red colored brick with some cactus green, it will become a slightly greenish red brick and all other red colored bricks in the local 16×16 chunk will change as well.

Compressed Cobblestone

Do you have chests upon chests of cobblestone lying around that you wish you could store in a couple of items – well now you can. Place 9 cobblestone in a crafting table to make compressed cobblestone. Then place 9 compressed cobblestone into a grid to make double compressed cobblestone. This can be repeated up to octuple compressed cobblestone

Conveyor Belts

Designed for mob traps, these specially crafted conveyers will move mobs and their drops around quickly and efficiently. The conveyor is smart and will try to keep items/mobs centred and will also try to move items up to higher levels if needed.

Crossover Pipes

Crossover pipes ensure the searching direction does not change. This allows to pipe systems to cross over without interfering with each other.

Cursed Earth

When this block is a dark area, it will spawn mobs at a much faster rate and with no regard to the player”s proximity, it will also attempt to spread to nearby dirt and grass blocks. However, when light shines upon it, it will cease spawning mobs and will very quickly return to regular dirt.

This process is dangerous and it will damage anyone who stands on it, also the dirt will occasionally catch fire, spreading more light and destroying more cursed earth.

Cursed Earth is meant as a way of creating compact mob spawners. If the spawner gets out of control, just place one torch and it will destroy 95% of the cursed earth as well as damaging mobs standing on it.



Drums provide a compact liquid storage as each drum will hold 256 buckets of liquid. You can pump liquids in and out from the top or bottom sides and if you either right-click with a stick or shift right-click with a wrench, you can pick up the drum while retaining the drum’s contents.
You can change a drum’s color by right-clicking on it with a dye or a paintbrush.

Ender Generator

Generates RF using ender pearls, eyes of ender and ender-lilly seeds. Very effecient.

Ender Lilies

Ender Lilies are an ancient breed of plant whose seeds can now only be found in old dungeons. This plant grows incredibly slowly over the course of a week, and once fully grown will produce an ender pearl. Beware the thorns that start to grow on this plant as it gets older.

Ender Quarry

The Ender quarry is an automated mining system that combines the unconstrained energy of the end and the raw power of mother nature to extract the precious bounty of the earth while leaving its structure untouched. Once a boundary is defined (see next page), the quarry will teleport anything that is not dirt or plant life to an adjacent inventory, leaving a block of dirt in the originals place.

In order to use the quarry, you have to first manually make a boundary using fences (either wooden, nether-brick or “micro-block” fences). Once placed, the entire fence boundary must be rectangular with no gaps or intersections. The fence boundary can go up or down at a single spot if you stack fences on top of each other. Once complete, remove a fence post, place the quarry and right-click.

If all is done correctly, the quarry will start mining. It will mine vertically, and will complete each “chunk” before moving on to the next one. The quarry will self-chunk load, and only keeps two chunks in memory at any point in time (because of this there is no “max” size.


Ender-Thermic Pump

The ender-thermal pump is a low-lag liquid pump designed specifically for lava. When it pumps up a lava source block, it instantly replaces it with stone and doesn’t cause a block-update. It also acts as a chunk-loader, keeping itself and the bare minimum of chunks loaded in order to pump lava while preventing lighting glitches.

It’s doesn’t eliminate lag entirely (it’s the nether) but hopefully it should help if you”ve been having issues.

Mechanically, It functions exactly the same as a buildcraft pump in terms of power and output.

The only major difference is that it MUST be placed just above the surface level of the lava lake, although since It can pump through solid blocks it doesn’t need to be directly placed over the lava itself.

Note: To prevent greifing the ender-thermal pump will, by default, only work in the nether, but this be changed in the config.


Energy Pipes

Energy pipes will only be traversed by Energy nodes. Inventory and Liquid nodes simply ignore them and will not search through them.

Ethereal Glass

This magical glass can be passed through by players with ease but provides a completely solid barrier to anything else. If are sneaking, the block will be solid to you.

Filing Cabinet

The filing cabinet provides a convenient storage container for items that do not stack. The basic Filing Cabinet holds 270 items, however the items must all be of the same type (i.e. same item ID) but can have different properties (damage values/enchantments/etc.). The filing cabinet will keep the items alphabetically sorted within the interface for handy retrieval.

Filing Cabinet (Advanced)

The filing cabinet provides a convenient storage container for items that do not stack. The advanced Filing Cabinet holds 540 items and will accept items regardless of type. The filing cabinet will keep the items alphabetically sorted within the interface for handy retrieval.

Filter Pipe

Filter pipes can be used to sort items in different directions. If you right-click you can place an item into the appropriately colored slot to direct items in that direction. You can also place an item filter into a slot to allow for more sophisticated filtering.

Food Generator

Generates RF using food. The fulfilling the food, the more RF is generated and the more “saturating” the food the longer the generator will run for.

Furnace Generator

Generates RF using regular furnace fuel.

Heated Redstone Generator

Generates RF using lava and redstone. It can also run off of molten redstone from Thermal Expansion.

High-temperature Furnace Generator

Generates RF using regular furnace fuel. A very inefficient generator with an initially low energy output, but as the internal temperature rises its energy output rises.

Lava Generator

Generates RF using lava, which must be piped in liquid form. Note: the generator is not as efficient as other forms of lava power generation.

Magnum Torch

Are you tired of putting down fields of ugly torches? Well, with this one very expensive torch, you can prevent all mobs from spawning within a 64 block radius regardless of light level.
This will not affect custom mob spawning such as dungeon spawners or cursed earth.

Micro-block Fences

Fences crafted from micro-block materials

Mod Sorting Pipes

A more advanced form of sorting pipe – this will only insert an item into an inventory if it is empty or already contains an item belonging to the same mod.

Nether Star Generator

Generates RF using nether stars. Incredibly powerful generator that produces more energy than most systems can transfer. It will damage anything in a 10 block radius.

Peaceful Table

This is for those who wish to play on peaceful difficulty but still want access to mobs drops. To use, place the table next to a chest (or any block with an inventory) that contains a sword. The peaceful table will periodically spawn a random mob, appropriate to the area, kill it instantly using the sword and then place the drops into the chest.

The sword will take damage appropriate to “number of hits” needed to kill the mob. This means the better the sword, the longer it lasts.

Note that the peaceful table will take the swords enchantments into account, so you can use enchantments like “Sharpness” and “Unbreaking” to extend the life of your sword and “Looting” to increase the number of drops you get.


Pink Generator

Generates RF using the power of love. Pink dye or anything that uses pink dye in its crafting recipe can be used to generate power.

Pipe Jackets

Pipe jackets are decorative wrapping created from micro-blocks that can be applied to any FMP compatible pipes (from a very technical perspective, the pipe part must occupy the “center” slot)

Portal to the Deep Dark

As an experienced miner you naturally wish to mine deeper and further than ever before into areas of natural wealth. The deep dark is a realm far below the void, filled with natural resources and deadly enemies. Some say that the darkness within this realm is alive and will consume any unlucky adventurer who wanders too far into it. Remember to bring torches.
Torches will not protect you completely, however since mobs will spawn at all light levels in the Deep Dark. Magnum torches and Chandeliers will still prevent spawning.

Potion Generator

Generates RF using potions. The more complex the potion, the more power is generated. Every brewing “step” doubles the power generated by the potion.

Rain Muffler

Rain mufflers will disable all rain sound effects within a 64 block radius. If you wish to completely nullify rain everywhere you can right-click the block to place some “Magic cotton wool” in your ears. This wool has no effect on game-play and will persist even after death.

Rationing Pipes

Rationing pipes will only insert a maximum of one stack of any type of item into an inventory.

Retrieval Node (Items)

Retrieval nodes traverse the pipe system pulling items out of inventories rather than inserting them. They will only pull one item out at a time (unless upgraded) and will not move on from an inventory until it can’t pull anymore out.

Retrieval Node (Liquids)

Retrieval nodes traverse the pipe system pulling liquids out of tanks rather than inserting. They will only pull 200 mB out at a time (unless upgraded) and will not move on from a tank until it can’t pull anymore out.

Solar Generator

Generates RF using sunlight. The generator creates a large amount of power from direct sunlight. However there is a problem, the generator cannot generate power and transmit it at the same time. You must switch between the two modes by applying a redstone signal.

Sorting Pipe

Sorting pipes are a special kind of transfer pipe that will only insert items into an inventory if the inventory already contains an item of the same type (or if the inventory is empty). You can use this to create a simple sorting system.
In addition it signals liquid transfer nodes to attempt to place all of their current buffer into the inventory.

Sound Muffler

Do you have an annoying sheep farm filled with loud obnoxious grunting animals that you wish would just shut up.  This block will reduce any sound made in an 8 block radius by 90%, enabling you to get some much needed peace and quiet.


Giant nasty pointy spikes that will deal a large amount of damage to any creature unfortunate to come into contact with them. The spikes will not destroy items that land on them and mobs killed will drop “rare” items, but they will not drop experience.

Survivalist Generator

Generates RF using regular furnace fuel. It has a very low energy output but is surprisingly efficient and fuel lasts 20 times the base rate.

TNT Generator

Generates RF using gunpowder and TNT. Watch out, explosions are not completely contained by the generator.


This simple, cheap block emits a redstone pulse once a second.

Trading Post

For the true bargain hunter looking for the best possible deal there is the trading post.
When right-clicked displays a list of all the trades available from nearby villagers. Then you can click on the trade you want to instantly bring up the villagers trading screen.

Transfer Node (Energy)

Energy transfer nodes accept Buildcraft energy (MJ) and Thermal Expansion energy (RF). They constantly search through a transfer system looking for machines that will accept energy. Once a machine is found it’s added to the nodes internal registry. Every tick, any energy inside the node will be distributed to all registered machines.

Transfer Node (Items)

Transfer nodes pull items from their connected inventory and will search through a transfer pipe system for inventories to place the item into. They will insert as much as possible into each inventory they find and will continue until they hit a dead end or the internal buffer is empty.

Transfer Node (Liquids)

Liquid transfer nodes work the same way as regular transfer nodes except they will only attempt to insert half their current buffer into a tank. They will only insert more if they have reached a dead end or you use a sorting pipe.

Transfer Pipe

Transfer pipes are used by transfer nodes to decide where items should go. You can change their basic properties by right-clicking with a Buildcraft-compatible wrench (or a stick if none is available). You can set them to only flow in a certain direction or to not connect to inventories.

Trash Can

If your inventory is stuffed with junk that you wish to get rid of, this simple block provides a fast, efficient disposal method. Just right-click on the interface and either drag and drop items into the disposal slot or simply shift-right-click. Using this you can get rid of any and all unwanted items instantly with no fuss, and most importantly, no lag.
You can also attach pipes and hoppers to the block to automatically destroy items. In addition if you program an item filter and place it in the slot, the trash can will only accept items that match.



Builders Wand

When you right-click on a block it checks your inventory to see if there are blocks of the same kind adjacent to it. Then it will attempt to extend the current layer of those blocks by another layer (the direction depending on which face you right-clicked on) using blocks in your inventory, up to a maximum of 9 blocks at a time.


Creative Upgrade

Creative upgrades will prevent the buffer of a node from emptying


Destruction Pickaxe

This pickaxe has the five times the mining speed of a diamond pickaxe but only when used on regular stone, otherwise it’s slower than using your fists. Also any blocks mined will not drop items. It has infinite durability.


Division Sigil

This strange mystical item cannot be crafted but is found in dungeon chests. However in it’s raw state it is useless to you and needs to be “activated”. This can only be done by a ancient and strange method called the “Activation Ritual”

One of the sigils is to unenchant your items.

When enchanted items are placed above and below the sigil, the sigil will try to remove or reduce the enchantments on the upper item by their equivelant amount on the lower item. So if you place a “Knockback II” sword above a “Knockback I” book, the result would be a “Knockback I” sword.

If you place a regular unenchanted book below the sigil, it will remove one level from each enchantment on the upper item. It will also increase the damage on the sword by a quater.

If you wish to find out for yourself what is needed for the ritual, simply shift-right-click on an enchanting table and it will describe what you need to do. Just a bit of advice, you may wish to wear some armor.


Ender Receptor

Ender Receptors are the companion to the Ender Transmitters and allow energy to be transmitted between nodes. You must match the nodes frequency/spectrum to the Ender Transmitter using the same methods.


Ender Transmitter

Ender Transmitter will transmit BC energy through the ether to any Energy node with a matching Ender Receptor. You can choose whether the transmitter is public or private by right-clicking with the transmitter in your hand. In addition you can select a specific frequency by changing it’s name using an anvil.

Energy transfer is not perfect and there is some power loss. Placing more transmitters into a node will increase the transfer speed for that frequency.


Erosion Shovel

Quickly mines through soft dirt substances and will eliminate sand/gravel that is above it. Like the destruction pickaxe, it will not drop any blocks. It has infinite durability.


Etheric Sword

Does slightly more damage than a diamond sword and has infinite durability.


Golden Bag of Holding

This small bag will allow you to carry a double-chest worth of supplies and inventory space wherever you go. Right-click with the bag selected to open up the interface


Golden Lasso

Are you frustrated by trying to lead cows and sheep around using wheat? Right-click on any passive mob with the golden lasso and it will be magically stored inside it. Then right-click on the ground to release it. This simple tool makes moving animals a lot easier.


Healing Axe

When you “attack” a living creature, it will take some health from you and use it to heal the target, with a slight bonus. If used on undead creatures, you will still be damaged but the target will injured by four times that amount of damage.

In addition, while the axe is equipped it slowly refills your hunger bar.


Item Filter

The filter allows you to decide what items a transfer node will attempt to pull out. To program it, right-click while selected to bring up the interface. Placing the item into the slots will not use up the item and will simply store a “ghost” copy of the stack.

They can also be used by trash cans to tell them to only accept certain items.


Mining Upgrade

The Mining upgrade allows inventory nodes to mine cobblestone. If you connect an inventory transfer nodes directly to a block of cobblestone with lava and water adjacent. The node will then generate one cobblestone per second for each upgrade.

This will also speed up the pumping of water from water source blocks by a similar amount


Paint brush

This is needed to craft colored bricks/colored wood planks. In addition you can shift-right-click on a colored block to copy it’s color to the paintbrush and regular-right-click on another colored block to apply that color. Right-clicking on regular stone bricks/wood planks will convert it to a colored version.


Portable Scanner

The Portable Scanner has two functions. If you right-click a non-simple block, it will provide you with some information regarding it’s properties. The second is that while the scanner is selected it will show you a representation of the movement of items and fluids through a transfer pipe system.


Precision Shears

In addition to acting as shears, precision shears can harvest any block that a stone tool can. If you sneak and right-click a valid block, it will be instantly broken and placed directly in the players inventory (if there is room)


Sonal Goggles

A boon to miners to help ensure you never miss a piece of ore. Whilst wearing these high-tech goggles, looking at a solid block will give you a visual wire-frame layout of all adjacent blocks of the same type, up to a max range of 5 blocks away.

This means that you will be able to “see” other blocks by their abscence. The goggles require the user to be in a darkened area to function (the darker the better).


Speed Upgrade

Speed upgrades will increase the number of operations are transfer node can do per second by one (up to a maximum of 64 operations per second).


Stack Upgrade

With the full stack upgrade, inventory and liquid transfer nodes will fill their buffers with as many items/liquid as it can handle.


Temporal Hoe

Will regress your wheat crops back to a previous state when you right click on them, which is not useful in any way, shape or form. However, it can turn dirt blocks back into grass and cobblestone into regular stone.


Unstable Ingot

Have you ever tried to divided by diamond?

Of course not, because you”re a sane and rational person who would never do something so foolhardily dangerous.

However, should you experience a brief moment of insanity, you can craft unstable ingots. These ingots are existentially unstable and have 10 seconds before they explode in your inventory. They also explode if you leave the crafting gui or if they are thrown on the floor. Do not craft unless ready.

Now you”re probably wondering why you should bother crafting these dangerous ingots well, here”s what you can create with them. Unlike the ingots these tools are stable and won’t explode. Just remember you have to craft them in under 10 seconds, or else boom.


Unstable Nugget

This tiny nugget is small enough to contain the powerful energies produced by dividing by diamond. You can use these to craft a “stable” unstable ingot that will not explode.


Watering Can

Plants and crops require lots of love and attention but did you know that the mere act of standing there sprinkling them with water is enough to inspire them to grow at a much faster rate? Craft the watering can, fill it with water and you have an early-game alternative to bone-meal that will get you plenty of food in no time some time.

You can use the can to put out fires, including yourself if you happen to be on fire. Every time you do so however, it has a random chance of “emptying” and will need to be refilled with water.

In addition using a watering can on lava will cause lava to flow faster.


Extra Recipes for Vanilla items

These are just some helper recipes for vanilla items (they can be disable from the config).

Peaceful mode Nether star Recipe

This recipe will only work on peaceful mode. Note, the recipe will still show up in other difficulties but if you attempt to actually craft the star, it won’t work.
Note: In order to acquire wither skulls in peaceful, you can place a peaceful table in a nether fortress.

Mod Spotlights


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Mod Spotlights of Older versions





KazoBurg (German)


Config Settings

Like all Forge mods, Extra Utilities has a config file in /config/ folder where you can alter game options as well as block and item ids.

Warning: this is an advanced feature and can lead to problems if you don’t know what you are doing. If you are unsure, I would advise you leave it alone. If you do edit the config file and encounter a bug or crash, make sure to note any changes you made when posting a bug report.

Now if you wish to remove a block or item, you have two options.

The first is to disable it’s recipe (in the recipe section) which will prevent people from crafting it. This won’t remove it from the game entirely and it can still be spawned in. However if you”re playing on a server that has different settings to you then you shouldn’t have to worry about it.

The second is to set the block/item id to 0. Extra Utilities will not register the block/item or any blocks/items that depend on it. Now unlike the first method, you cannot play on a server or with players, that have different config file settings. This is only recommended if you”re putting together a mod pack. Also please note this is a feature I put into Extra Utilities and will NOT work with other mods.

Finally this feature is still a bit experimental and it may be liable to change in the future.


Mod Packs

You have my permission to use include this mod in any modpack, public or private, provided that credit is given, the source code is not modified and the overall mod pack is distributed free of charge.