Fancy Fluid Storage by lordmau5

Fancy Fluid Storage is the fluid storage solution you’ve been looking for!

For changelogs please visit the mod’s website:



Size limitations7x7x7 – This is configurable within the range of 3x3x3 to 13x13x13.

Performance: Didn’t check that yet, but compared to Railcraft tanks they should be as efficient or better. We’ll have to check with Opis.

More than one valve: Definitely 🙂

Losing fluid upon breaking: The tank looses it’s fluid if ALL THE VALVES are broken.


For more information on how to build the tank, have a look on our website:


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If you find any bugs or got any suggestions, feel free to make issues on the Github for either of them.


Enjoy playing with the mod! 🙂



FridgeBoy, for helping with a lot of mathemagical things

Drullkus, for the amazing valve-texture and logo

tterrag, for helping out with fake block-rendering for the tank frames