Fatalitiii’s Pedestal

So what is Pedestal? Pedestal is a mod that adds a pedestal to hold swords in with the ability to add a beacon style colour to its render.

Follow Updates @ Fatalitiii


Adds a pedestal model that the user is able to open a GUI and place a sword and customize how it is rendered in the world.

Pedestal with sword


Empty Pedestal


Beam of light






Other Mod Support?

This mod requires Forge! You need forge version or later!

This mod requires Minecraft Version 1.9.X!

Fatalitiii’s Pedestal Download Link

If you find any bugs please report them on CurseForge or MinecraftForum post so that I can look into them


If people have any ideas for any features that would like, I am more than happy to add them and get updates pushed out to everyone.