Fire’s Random Things by The_Fireplace

Have you ever wanted Minecraft to have a bazooka? Paxels? A quick way to mine obsidian? Cake with magma cream icing? Fire’s Random Things adds all of this, and more!


This is the successor to most of the random extra content from UnLogic II. This mod will only be for Minecraft 1.9+.


Content Summary:

A bazooka

More fuels

Fancy looking candles

Hallucination potions(The full set: Regular, Splash, Lingering, and Tipped Arrow, all available with regular and extended duration)

Compact Bookshelves

Compact Dirt


Bottom for a fireplace that actually looks nice(no more Netherrack bottomed fireplaces)

18 colors of flat colored blocks

Force fields(can be disabled)

A way to shatter items(more yield from flowers and bones, turn bottles into sand, etc)

Dispensers that fire more projectiles at once


A way to quickly mine Obsidian

A leafcutter

A new take on the Ender Pearl

Hallucination vision goggles


Mod Integration:
This mod has special integration(recipe changes or additions, better compatibility with the mods’ features, etc) with the following mods:
Base Metals by DrCyano

Real Stone Tools by The_Fireplace

JustEnoughItems by mezz




Requiem Experimental 1.9.0

NFINIT: New Era (Reloaded)