FRSM – Fex’s Random Stuff Mod by Ferdinand & Dimitris5050

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FRSM is a Mod adding some “Random” Stuff to Minecraft, but not Sci-fi or like that.
No, it don’t want’s to take away the Epic Minecraft feeling by adding irrelevant Stuff.
It’s purpose is to add some Stuff that are “missing” in the Game.
(but ye, a few weird things are in the Mod… :P)
Like for example:
– Furniture (Chairs, Crates, etc.)
– Deco Blocks (normal or with 3D Models, for example Chimneys)
– Technical Modern Stuff (Laptops, TV’s, PC’s)
– Toys (Robos, mini Trains, etc.)
– and more…

An advantage of this Mod are a lot of Blocks woth custom 3D Model, adding something more to the Game,
not just more Blocks with different Textures.




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