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A mod about nuclear gear and technology.

Spoiler for tems / Materials

   Fusion Shard

This is the most basic fusion item. Smelting fusion ore in a furnace will yield 4 fusion shards, which can be used to craft dirty fusion ingots, or thrown to create a small harmless explosion.
Dirty Fusion Ingot

Dirty fusion ingots are unstable, and will explode if you right-click with them in your hand. They are created by combining 4 fusion shards in a square pattern on a crafting table.
Fusion Ingot

By smelting a dirty fusion ingot, you obtain a fusion ingot. This is used to create fusion armor, tools, and other items.
Active Fusion Ingot

This item can be obtained by surrounding a diamond with 4 fusion ingots (in a plus shape). Active fusion ingots can be used to create very powerful armor, tools, and other items. This ingot can also be used as a fuel to smelt up to 200 items (twice the length of a lava bucket).
Degraded Fusion Ingot

This item can only be obtained by putting a degraded fusion block into a crafting table. Used to craft volatile matter and defusers.
Volatile Matter

This is a very special item. Crafted with a degraded fusion ingot, dirty fusion ingot, fusion ingot, and active fusion ingot, any one of the following actions could happen when you right-click the item:

  • 2% – Obtain 1 or 2 diamond blocks
  • 4% – Obtain 2 or 4 gold blocks
  • 22% – Obtain 1 – 16 fusion shards
  • 12% – Obtain 1 – 8 diamonds
  • 10% – Obtain 1 or 2 emeralds
  • 10% – Obtain a fusion bomb
  • 1% – Summon a fusion monster
  • 19% – Obtain 2 extra volatile matter
  • 0.2% – Obtain an active fusion sword, pickaxe, axe, and shovel
  • 0.2% – Obtain a full set of active fusion armor
  • 2.6% – Create a fusion explosion the size equivalent to that of a charged creeper
  • 7% – Obtain 1 – 8 active fusion ingots

Note that these results will only happen if a 25% chance explosion (size of normal creeper explosion) does not take place when right-clicking the item.