Gemulation by M4thG33k

This mod is an add-on/extension of Silent’s Gems by SilentChaos512 ( and will be needed to play with this mod.


Currently, the mod adds a furnace for each of the twelve basic gems in the game; sticking with the theme of each gem having its own properties, each furnace is slightly different. Furnaces also can store excess fuel so that you don’t have to keep filling it up as often. 😉

This also means that the furnace will only take as much fuel as it needs in order to smelt an item – no more wasting a piece of charcoal to smelt one item!


The properties of the furnaces explained:

  • Time Reduction Multiplier – The time needed to smelt any item is reduced by this factor, meaning a factor of 0.5 will halve the smelt time. (Ranges from 0.5-1.125; yes some furnaces run a bit slower than the vanilla ones – other properties will help with the balance)
  • Fuel Bonus Multiplier – The higher this number, the more burn time you get for fuel you put in! (Ranges from 1-1.5.)
  • Upgrade Slots – (WIP) This will eventually translate into how many upgrades you can put into the furnace to boost its stats even more!
  • Fuel Capacity – How much excess fuel you can store in the furnace. The value here is the number of stacks of coal it can hold. Granted, you can put any fuel source in there, but I figured you’d want a simple number to look at. (Ranges from 0.5-2).

I have a few more features planned and will implement them as I have time! 🙂