GeneriTech by mailboxkiller, CrazyGrape, Insuusvenerati, SpecSilentSean

*Note: This mod is still heavily in development. While many of the downloads may imply a beta state, this mod is in alpha, as there is still much content to be added.


Feature To-Do List:

Key: Not Yet Started, In Progress (not [everything in list] in public download), In Public Download,Feature-Complete, Complete

  1. Get all planned features put in this list
  2. Create a variety of machines that carry out their intended purpose:
    • Generators
      • Burnable fuel-powered
    • Pulverizer
    • Electrically-powered furnace
    • Power storage
    • Pump(s)
    • Metallurgy-related mechanisms (Will be scrapped if we go the the “mixing dusts” route)
      • Melting
      • Alloying
      • Solidifying
    • Tank(s)
  3. Pipes:
    • Item-transferring
    • Liquid-transferring
  4. Wires to transfer power
  5. Logistics/sorting systems:
    • Pipes
    • Wires
    • Machines
    • Hopper interactions
  6. Machine upgrades/system
    • Tier 0 versions of machines (Directly Fuel-Powered and rudimentary)
    • Funtional differences between machines of different tiers
    • Way(s) to actually upgrade machines
  7. Wire/pipe upgrades/system
  8. Items-components:
    • Ingots
    • Dusts
    • Gears
  9. Items-tools:
    • Wrench to modify <insert thing here>
    • Upgrades to apply to machines in some way
    • Debug tools:
      • Ore Gen debug tool
    • Hammers
    • Locks
      • Key(s)?
  10. Textures:
    • Machines
    • Pipes/Wires
    • Liquids
    • Items
    • GUIs
  11. Ore Dictionary support
  12. Recipes
  13. (And probably more)



GeneriTech is your generic tech mod. In its final state, it is intended to be a modular tech mod that features upgradable machines, wires, and pipes that carry out various functions to help with the goal of automating your Minecraft experience.


Left to right: ore, ingot, dust, gear, nugget (and misc at top)


View GeneriTech’s source code (and wiki) on GitHub!