TechStack’s Heavy Machinery Mod – Taking the Excavator out for a Spin!

Well, I finally get some gas into the excavator and am able to take it out for a spin, I’m confused about how to control it however, doesn’t seem to respond to the same controls as the dozer.

Ok, I figured out the controls but I didn’t film it.

you can turn the tracks around with a & d keys, and use the w & s keys for forward and backwards. The boom only works when you are facing out the front of the tracks – I think that is a bug as it should work 360 degrees regardless of the track facing. Now the boom follows your mouse as does the rotation of the cab. The cab will stop rotating if something gets in the way of its rotation, that can be frustrating and I would like a bumping or banging sound to show that. Now finally to break blocks, hold the ctrl key down. That’s it!