Hemp Farmer by SeqSee


HempFarmer introduces new seeds, crops, armors, tools, weapons and shields, all made from… You guessed it, HEMP!

Look for edible/smokable items in future releases.

File names are as so:

“HempFarmer(Minecraft Version)-(Forge Build)-(Revision–Starts at 1.0).jar” 



Feel free to use the mod in any modpacks. You are allowed to use it, you do not need to ask for permission, in fact permission requests will always be ignored. Do whatever you want with this mod.


Seeds – Drop from grass and Hemp/Indica/Sativa crops.

Hemp Seeds  Indica Seeds  Sativa Seeds

Hemp    Indica   Sativa

Seedlings(Currently only in Creative Mode) – Can be planted like seeds or in regular grass blocks. 

Hemp Seedling Indica Seedling Sativa Seedling

Hemp   Indica   Sativa

Crops – Grow by planting Hemp/Indica/Sativa Seeds in tilled soil. Drop Hemp and Seeds.


Hemp – Unusable inedible item on it’s own.


Dried Hemp – Crafted by smelting Hemp in a Furnace.

Dry Hemp

Dried Hemp Recipe
  • Burlap – Crafted with 2×2 square of Dried Hemp.

Burlap Recipes

  • Hemp Oil – Made using 3 Glass Blocks and 4 Hemp Seeds.

Hemp Oil Recipe

  •  Oily Burlap – Crafted with Hemp Oil and Burlap.

Oily Burlap Recipe

  • Resin Burlap – Crafted by smelting Oily Burlap in a Furnace.

Resin Burlap Recipe

  • Burlap Armor – Crafted in standard armor shapes using Burlap.

Burlap Armor Recipes

  • Resin Armor – Crafted in standard armor shapes using Resin.

Resin Armor

  • Resin Burlap Armor – Crafted in standard armor shapes using Resin Burlap.

Resin Burlap Armor

  • Resin Shield– Crafted using 7 Resin.

Resin Shield

  • Resin Sword – Crafted in standard sword shape using 2 Resin and 1 Stick.

Resin Sword Recipe

  • Lead – Crafted in standard Lead shape using Resin and String or Dried Hemp.

Lead Recipes



  • Add more Weapons
  • Smokeable/Edible Items