Horse Upgrades by Lothrazar

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Update v1.1.2: fix a crash that happened in 1.1.1, and also added a creative tab for the items.

New carrots that upgrade and change your horses.  Allows access to the Zombie Horse and Skeleton Horse entites that are already in the vanilla game, but not accessible.

Lapis Carrot:

  • Changes the horses variant (brown, grey, black, etc).

Emerald Carrot:

  • Feed it to your horse and it will switch the horse type; rotates between standard, zombie, and skeleton.

Diamond Carrot: 

  • Adds one heart of health to the horse.

Two new items added in 1.1.0:

  • Ender Carrot to increase horse jump height
  • Redstone Carrot to increase jump and speed.

Config file added ‘samshorsefood.cfg’ will let you control the maximum value that health, jump, and speed is allowed to get to.

Requires Minecraft Forge version 1.8- or higher.