Hungry Animals by a3626a

Video Review


Hungry Animals is a mod that changes vanilla animals’ feeding activity and AI. I especially focused on wild life and reality. Have you ever wondered about why vanilla animals aren’t starved to death and why they do not reproduce? This mod makes nice changes for your questions.

Now wild animals can grow their population! They eat grass and fall in love. Of course some of them could be starved to death. They will make an equilibrium with nature. High population will deepen their competition and excess will naturally die.

Animals begin to excrete! You can see excreta over every hills and every fields. Be careful, excreta can cause serious outbreak. Ferment excreta into good manure to grow more wheat and carrots. If you have other mods that add sulfur, you can even make saltpeter with excreta.

Animals are frightened easily as you walk beside them. They run away from any player. You need to be patient to tame them and hunt. Don’t worry, There are nice new tools for hunting like trap, slingshot and bolla. Tamed animals can use trough to eat food.

Complicated husbandry needs machines. With nice machines like blender, thresher and millstone, improve your production and reprocess excess materials. This machines must be powered by physical force. You can run your machines with hand but also the tamed animals, too!

*This mod also has nice configuration system that allows server admin to modify almost everything in the mod and vanilla animals.




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