IC2 BuildCraft Power Converter – Stabilizer Mod by Ternsip

This simple mod allows to convert energy from ic2 power tanks (like MFE, MFSU, BatBox etc.) to BuildCraft power tanks and vice versa. And it doesn’t require any mods to be installed. For example if you put IC2 BatBox with 40k energy and Thermal Expansion Energy Cell adjacent one to another they will be balanced by energy value.This mod not detects power storage capacity, so you can capture power draining if your storage will be completely full. Voltage is limited by 4096 units, so energy can’t exchange faster per each 32 world tick.
I support this mod. So you can send me your bug-reports or recommendations.


For instance this combination can work without fuel, just due to the IC2 energy


Any IC2 machine can work on BuildCraft energy