Iron Backpacks by gr8pefish & tehNut


This mod attempts to address the issue of portable storage in a balanced, fun, and aesthetically-pleasing manner.

It adds tiered backpack of backpacks (Basic, Iron, Gold, and Diamond), each of which can be upgraded from the previous tier to give more storage room as well as more upgrade points. These upgrade points can be used to apply a number of upgrades (over 20 different ones) to the backpack to improve it’s functionality. Specific information can be found in the spoilers below. Each backpack can be equipped, making it render on the player like in the picture above.

In addition, an extensive configuration file is included with this mod, allowing you to customize nearly every aspect of the mod if you feel as if my recipes/backpack sizes/default settings/etc. does not fit into your idea of balance.

Finally, I tried my best to make this mod efficient and thereby friendly to your computer, so performance should be a non-issue.


There are four types of backpacks, with their values (include the recipe to upgrade to the next tier) able to be modified in the config:

  • Basic – The default backpack. Default values: 2 rows of 9 inventory slots (18 total) and 8 upgrade points.
  • Iron – The next tier. Default values: 4 rows of 9 inventory slots (36 total) and 12 upgrade points.
  • Gold – The next tier. Default values: 6 rows of 9 inventory slots (54 total, equivalent to a double chest) and 16 upgrade points.
  • Diamond – The final tier. Default values: 7 rows of 11 inventory slots (77 total) and 20 upgrade points.

Each backpack has two GUIs (graphical user interfaces). The default GUI, the one which stores all of your items, is accessed by right clicking. The alternate GUI is accessed by shift-right clicking, and it will display the alternate GUI upgrades (if applicable), such as the ability to rename your backpack. In addition, when a backpack is open, right clicking another backpack in the player’s inventory or in the original backpack will open that backpack’s GUI directly (yes this works with nested backpacks). You can also do this with ender-storage backpacks.

When the backpack is upgraded to the next tier (ex: gold -> diamond) it keeps it’s inventory and any upgrades it had. The same thing happens (keeps it’s data) when an upgrade is applied (shapeless crafting).

Finally, you can equip any 1 backpack at a time. To do so, use the keybinding for “equip backpack,” (‘B’ by default) and, assuming you aren’t already wearing a backpack, the backpack item currently selected in your hotbar will be equipped. To take it off, simply press the same key (but you must have an empty slot in your inventory). To access the equipped backpack, simply press the correct keybinding (‘R’ by default).


Upgrades are items that are shapelessly crafted with a backpack to apply them to said backpack, assuming the backpack can accept the upgrade. Each upgrade has a (configurable) point value, and each backpack has a (configurable) number of maximum upgrade points, and, in combination with some other categories (i.e. only up to 3 alternate GUI upgrades), that determines if the backpack can accept the upgrade.

To remove an upgrade, you put the backpack in the corresponding slot of the crafting grid of the upgrade that you want to remove from the backpack. So to remove the 2nd upgrade on the backpack, put it in the 2nd slot in the crafting grid. You can also simply re-craft the backpack with the upgrade you want to remove, but this will require you to make the upgrade again (which you don’t get back).

Button – Adds 4 buttons to the default GUI and a variable number of buttons to the alternate GUI which respectively perform these actions:

  • Moves everything from the backpack to your inventory
  • Moves everything from your inventory (the slots above your hot-bar) to the backpack
  • Moves everything from your hot-bar to the backpack
  • Sorts the backpack (condenses each stack of items and rearranges alphabetically according to the item’s name)
  • Adds buttons to each category in the alternate GUI which quickly clears the items in the category of the respective button.

Crafting– Adds 9 slots to the alternate GUI, each of which are composed of ghost slots (that don’t take your item). Whenever you pick up an item, each item in the backpack will check if it is also in a condenser slot, and if so, will try to be crafted into a condensed version by simulating it being placed 3×3 in a crafting grid. For example, if you have redstone in the crafting slot, and 64 redstone in your backpack, when you pick up an item you will now have 1 redstone and 7 blocks of redstone in your backpack. This upgrade will sort your backpack after it condenses an item. Since this upgrade fires when an item goes into it it needs a filter upgrade to work (I will try to make this unnecessary later, but for now that is the case). It also works fine with the restocking upgrades.

  • Small – It will put the items in a 2×2 grid (ex: sand -> sandstone).
  • Tiny – It will put the items in a 1×1 grid (so 1 item at a time, ex: log -> planks).

Damage Bar – This upgrades adds a damage bar to the backpack which reflects how full it is (in regards to it’s total capacity), meaning that you can simply glance down at the backpack to get a quick visual representation of how much space you have left. The level of fullness is representative of the total storage, not the total slots used (so a backpack full of 1 piece of cobble in each slot would be the same fullness as about 1 stack of cobble).

Filter – Adds 9 slots to the alternate GUI, each of which are composed of ghost slots (that don’t take your item). Whenever you pick up an item, if that item is also present in one of the filter slots the item will go directly into your backpack instead of just into your inventory. This upgrade works with the crafting and restocking upgrades. There are multiple versions of this upgrade:

  • Basic – It will check for the exact item in the filter slot(s).
  • Fuzzy – It will ignore damage values.
  • Ore Dictionary – It will not check for the exact item, but rather for any item that is registered in the ore dictionary that the item in the filter slot(s) is also registered to.
  • Mod Specific – It will not check for the exact item, but rather for any item from the mod that the item in the filter slot(s) is from. Groups vanilla Minecraft items together as a “mod” for this purpose.
  • Mining – This upgrade automatically picks up any ores, dusts, and gems, and has 9 open slots for other items (ex: cobble, other minerals) to be placed into.
  • Advanced – This upgrade has 18 slots instead of 9 like the other filters. You can rotate through the slots by either clicking the arrows on either end or by scrolling your mouse wheel in any of the advanced filters’ slots. Each slot can be configured to be either exact, fuzzy, ore dictionary, or mod specific matching by clicking the button below each slot.
  • Void – This filter will void anything placed into it. So instead of picking the item up, it gets deleted.

Resupply – Adds 9 slots to the alternate GUI, each of which are composed of ghost slots (that don’t take your item). This upgrade applies whenever you pick up an item or whenever you use an item (i.e. eat food). If the backpack contains the item that is present in any resupply upgrade slot (in the alternate GUI), the backpack will attempt to refill a stack of that item if it is present in your inventory. For example, putting torches in a resupply slot will allow you to constantly have 1 stack of torches in your hot-bar.

(Advanced) Nesting – The nesting upgrade allows you to put as many backpacks of anyprevious tier as you want inside this backpack. The advanced version allows you to put anybackpack inside of it, including backpacks of the same or greater tiers. Note that you can right click any backpack inside any other backpack to directly open it.

Depth – This upgrade allows an equipped backpack to have the upgrades applied from any backpacks inside of it to still function. For example, say you had an Iron Backpack (with a mining filter upgrade) inside of a Gold Backpack (with a nesting upgrade obviously), and you had the gold backpack equipped. Then, when you picked up an ore it would go directly into your Iron Backpack (even though it is nested inside your Gold Backpack). This only works with one nesting (i.e. you couldn’t put another backpack inside the Iron Backpack and have that one pick items up). It also works with nesting backpacks that have the quick deposit upgrade. Check out the video in the spotlights section on for more information.

Quick Deposit – This upgrade allows the player to shift right click on any inventory to deposit the contents of the backpack into said inventory. For example, you can come home with a backpack brimming with items after a mining trip, and instead of manually clicking the items into your (sorting) chest you can just shift right click the backpack’s items into the chest. Note: Currently doesn’t work directly with Applied Energistics terminals, to get around this you can deposit into an ME interface. I will try and fix this in a future update.

  • Precise – This variant will only attempt to deposit items if they already exist in the targeted inventory. For example, if you have an ores chest and you use this upgrade, only the ores already in the chest will be deposited from the backpack for a convenient but basic sorting mechanism.

Renaming – This upgrade only appears if you have the config option “renaming update required” set to “true”. If you do, then this upgrade will add a bar in the alternate GUI where you can type in a new name for the backpack and then rename it (much like in an anvil). If the config option is set to false, this upgrade will be applied by default.

Eternity – Allows you to keep the backpack and all of it’s contents when you die. However, the upgrade will disappear after this, you will have to make and apply a new one if you want the upgrade again.

Additional Upgrade Points – This upgrade adds a (configurable) amount of upgrade points to the backpack, and can be applied a (configurable) number of times.


I have tried to make this mod as configurable as possible so that it can be widely used. Here are the parts of the mod that you can change:

  • The size of each backpack. Either 9 or 11 slots per row and between 1 and 7 rows.
  • The number of available upgrade points for each backpack.
  • Every recipe in the mod!
  • The number of upgrade points each upgrade takes to apply it to a backpack.
  • If the renaming upgrade is required, or if it is included automatically.
  • The length of time until tooltips appear on buttons when you hover over them.
  • The amount of upgrade points the ‘Additional Upgrade Points’ upgrade adds to the backpack.
  • The number of times you can apply the ‘Additional Upgrade Points’ upgrade to a backpack.
  • The style of textures to use for the backpacks (16×16 or more HD textures)
  • The style of text to use for renamed backpacks (italics or normal text)
  • Whether or not to render the backpack on the player when it is equipped.


The current items in the mod (as of v1.2.0). 4 backpacks, 16 upgrades, and 4 crafting components.

Old images:


My video showing most of the changes from the update to v.1.2
B0bGary’s 5 minute spotlight – quick and comprehensive overview for v.0.9.8
SSundee’s review – over 2m views! v.0.9.8
Minecraft Universe’s spotlight – for v.0.9.6

Inter-Mod Compatibility

  • NEI – Shows most recipes. Doesn’t show NBT specific crafting, so it doesn’t show that shapeless crafting with an upgrade can remove an upgrade if it is already applied, or other special conditions (i.e. you can’t have both a nesting upgrade and an advanced nesting upgrade on the same backpack).
  • Version Checker Mod – Fully supported.
  • Botania – The backpacks are an IBlockProvider, meaning they can supply items to the Rod of the Shifting Crust. Note that it currently doesn’t work with equipped backpacks due to API limitations.
  • Inventory Tweaks – Fully supported.
  • Thaumcraft – All of the items in the mod contain aspects.
  • Open Blocks – If a player is hang-gliding the backpack will not be rendered.
  • Ender Storage – You can right click ender-pouches inside my backpacks to open them directly.
  • Should work with most every other mod as well.
  • Note that mods that add custom models for armors may overlap a little with my backpack’s model. This is just visually annoying, and will not affect gameplay in any negative meaningful way. I may look into handling this better at some point in the future, but it is not a priority.