Item Physics by CreativeMD

The ItemPhysic Mod 1.9 changes in small parts but not uninteresting physics of Minecraft.
There is the full version and the “Lite” version. In the full version the mod changes the physics of lava / fire and by the way as Blocks Destroyed fall. The / The lava / fire can only
blocks burn are flammable in real life, for example:. Wood, wool and so on
materials such as stone or tools on the other hand does not burn. The other change is
that if you abbaust blocks do not just fall straight down but rotate on its axis and fall thereby in different directions.
The “Lite” version has only included the ‘block-physics “, ie suitable for those who lava physics not interested or do not find the full version interesting for other reasons.


ItemPhysic Mod


You have trouble installing? Then you look but first our tutorial for installation. For further assistance just leave us a message.

  • First Install Minecraft Forge
  • Download Get the Item Physic Mod file for your Minecraft version
  • Add the files to the .minecraft (Mods) folder (% appdata%)> (roaming / .minecraft /)
  • The mod is now installed!

For more information, simply visit but the Official Forum Thread:!