Just Another Crafting Bench by Vanhal

Just Another Crafting Bench (JACB)

This mod adds one new block, the JACB Crafting Table which acts like a normal crafting bench except that it will store the contents of the crafting grid when you close it. That’s it. That’s all it does.

It can be created either by a straight swap with a vanilla crafting bench (default), or by combining a crafting bench with a chest (configurable in the configs).



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Just to note: I’m aware this is similar to a block in another mod but some people don’t use that mod and would still like the functionality of this type of crafting bench. If you can I would actually recommend using that other mod because it has some other cool features that this mod does not.


You have my full permission to include this mod in any and all modpacks (public or private) provided credit is given to myself all parts of the mod are available free of charge to all players.