Just Backpacks by FyberOptic

Just Backpacks adds four tiers of backpacks to help you on your journey.  They can be named using an anvil, and colored with dye the same as with leather armor (and removed via a cauldron of water).

Backpacks must be worn on your chest inventory slot, and can then be accessed via the shortcut key (default is ‘B’, configurable in the game options).

Tier 1 Backpack:

Has 9 inventory slots.

Tier 2 Backpack:

Crafted with a tier 1 backpack.  Has 18 inventory slots.

Tier 3 Backpack:

Crafted with a tier 2 backpack.  Has 27 inventory slots.

Ender Backpack:

Crafted with a tier 3 backpack.  Provides mobile access to your ender chest inventory.

Please Note:  If your tier 3 backpack contains items, you must empty it first before attempting to craft the ender tier.

You’re welcome to include this mod in your modpack.

Concept by Gorstavich, developed by FyberOptic.