Just Enough Calculation by Towdium

Hey guys, this is my first time try modding and it hope you find it useful!

What it does

It is a simple calculator to help you calculate how many of resources you need to gather for certain items. It allow you to input recipes manually or use the JEI’s “+” click function for fast input. In addition, you must have JEI installed for it to work.

How to use

The mod adds an item called Calculator, right click with it in hand to open the GUI. The main interaction in this mod is click the slot to activate it and then click to pick items in the JEI item list.


  • JEI “+”-click supported
  • Percentage supported
  • Recursive computation, it will find if the gradients can be crafted in other recipes.
  • Input recipes will store in the world’s user file. You don’t need to input again once recorded.

Planed features

  • Check Player’s inventory for missed gradients


Source code: https://github.com/Towdium/JustEnoughCalculation

Issues report: https://github.com/Towdium/JustEnoughCalculation/issues