KalStuff by Kalman98, CircuitLord, pianoman373


Welcome to the page for KalStuff! Yes, I know that was unnecessary because the title and banner should have already told you what page you’re looking at…. KalStuff is a mod that, as the title and banner also say, has random stuff. While originally started by me(Kalman98) to test out modding in 1.8, soon me and some friends decided to start a modding team. We needed something to practice on, so I uploaded KalStuff to GitHub and we started working together. Even though KalStuff was created as a test, by this point it has enough content to make it fully playable(to some extent). With content ranging from chicken nests to moon flowers, it will suit all your random mod needs!


You can find our Minecraft Forums page here. It’s pretty much exactly the same as this one, but that won’t keep you from looking at it if you really want to.




TEAM Modding Team is working on KalStuff, in partnership with Creeps, inc..

TEAM Modding Team consists of the following members:


Kalman98 – code, models, and textures, leader of project

pianoman373 – code, models, and textures

CircuitLord – code

PieCrafter314 – code

parkermc – code

Angelgal246 – textures and art


Creeps, inc. members blackout4488 and nunyabiznis both help with KalStuff by supplying ideas.




is a mod that adds random stuff to Minecraft. We can’t really think of a
better description… but maybe this video will help!





You can download KalStuff right here on CurseForge. Just download the version you want from the sidebar to the right, or you can click on Files at the top of the page to see every release.


KalStuff is distributed under the GNU General Public License, version 2.0. Basically, it means you can do

what you want with our code, even change and redistribute it, as long as you give us credit for it and

don’t attempt to make any money from it. You can read the license here if you want to.
Or you could just download the mod and get to playing with it!




Now! KalStuff is in Beta stage and isn’t a full release. We’ve got more to add before that!

No idea when the first official release will be.




Because we can! Do we really need a reason to add new stuff to one of the most awesome games on the planet?

And besides those reasons, modding is just fun!




To install KalStuff, simply download the jar for the version of Minecraft you are using from the links above.

Make sure you have Minecraft Forge installed, and you’ve run Minecraft with it at least once.

Then copy the mod jar file into the mods folder in .minecraft, and run Minecraft.

As for how to actually use the mod, there is a wiki set up on GitHub, which you can find here.

We update it as we release new mod updates, so it should always have the information you need.



Most of the current features in KalStuff are:

  • Crushed Ender
  • Bridge Blocks
  • Coffee!
  • Chicken Nests
  • Tea
  • Wild Grape Vines, Grape Vine crops and Grapes
  • Walking Sticks
  • Some Randomly Generated Shack Thingies
  • Trash Cans
  • Blocks of Potato, Apple and Carrot
  • Jewel Soup
  • Blocks of Ender and Blaze
  • Sodas




Here ya’ go, some screenshots so ya’ know it’s real:

Bridge Blocks:


Thus marks the end of the page for KalStuff. We really hope you enjoy the mod, and please, give us feedback if you try it!


Bugs and issues can be reported here(I think, at least), but you can also leave them in the comments of this post, although they may not get answered as quickly there. If you have ideas for stuff we could add to the mod, by all means, post them down below, although I would prefer you have tried the mod before asking for us to add stuff to it. If you happen to want to make a mod review, I’ll happily post it on this page as long as it is family friendly. Thanks for reading through to the end of this post! Unless you skipped straight to the end here. If that’s the case, you missed out on a bunch of nice plain text.