KnightPeripherals by Knightminer

KnightPeripherals is my addon to ComputerCraft which adds a couple of turtle upgrades I found were lacking elsewhere.

Latest 1.8.9 download: Version 2.2 for ComputerCraft 1.78
Latest 1.8 download: Version 2.0.2 for ComputerCraft 1.76
Latest 1.7 download: Version 1.2 for ComputerCraft 1.75
Other downloads: Click here


This mod currently just adds four turtle upgrades, though more features may be added in the future.


Clicking Turtle

Clicking turtles add a peripheral to the turtle allowing them to right click blocks. They will not right click the air, to keep other tool peripherals useful. The peripheral contains following commands:

  • click( boolean sneak ): Right clicks the block in front of the turtle.
  • clickUp( boolean sneak ): Right clicks the block above the turtle.
  • clickDown( boolean sneak ): Right clicks the block below the turtle.

Clicking turtles can be crafted using a turtle and a turtle claw, which can be crafted using the following recipe:
Posted Image

If enabled in the config, clicking turtles will consume fuel for every click.

Smashing Turtle

If Ex Nihilo is installed, smashing turtles will be added. They can interact with the world using turtle.dig() and turtle.attack() as follows:

  • turtle.dig(): Attempts to dig the block in front of the turtle using the Ex Nihilo hammer, causing it to drop different items than a pickaxe would (for example, gravel from cobblestone). The hammer can also mine any block that does not require a tool to mine.
  • turtle.attack(): Attempts to attack a mob in front of the turtle, dealing 7 damage. For comparison, the melee turtle deals 9 damage.

Smashing turtles can be crafted using a turtle and a diamond hammer from Ex Nihilo.

Explosive Turtle

Explosive turtles add a peripheral to the turtle allowing it to create various forms of explosions. All the explosions created by the explosive turtle will trigger player kills. The peripheral contains the following commands:

  • bomb(), bombUp(), bombDown(): Places ignited TNT from the turtle’s selected slot in the specified direction. Note that the TNT will destroy the turtle if it is in range of the explosion.
  • explode(): Causes the turtle to self destruct, causing a slightly bigger explosion than TNT that works both in midair and underwater.

The explosive turtle can be crafted using a turtle and TNT.

Ranged Turtle

Ranged turtles can shoot arrows from the turtle’s selected slot using turtle.attack(). If the arrow kills a mob, it will count as a player kill.

Ranged turtles can be crafted using a bow and a turtle.


For more information, see the mod’s wiki on Github.


This mod is licensed under the GNU GPLv2 license, seen here.

You may use this mod in a modpack, provided you credit me (KnightMiner) as the creator of the mod and all other mods have permission to be distributed in your pack. Also, while now required it would be nice if you sent me a message telling me you are using the mod, I’d love to see how people are using it.


This mod is open sourced. Click here to find it on Github.


This mod has not been extensively tested, but I have found it to be stable and fully functioning so far. If you find any issues, report them on my GitHub issue tracker, not here in the thread.

Suggestions and feedback

Feel free to post suggestions and feedback in this thread, I would be glad to hear what others think about this mod.


  • KnightMiner: Mod developer
  • austinv11: Wrote several helper functions for Turtles, used under terms of his license.
  • Cypher121: Wrote original fake player provider and helper functions for block clicking centering, used under terms of his license.
  • MrCrayfish: Created very helpful tutorals for modding basics.
  • SquidDev: Provided helpful advice here on the forums. Also wrote the helper functions for turtle tool rendering, used under terms of his license.