Lightning Craft by sblectric


It is said only the very brave or the very stupid mess with one of the most dangerous forces of nature. For one to harness such raw power, one would need very specialized tools and machines. That’s where LightningCraft comes in to fulfill a need. Use the power of lightning to make stuff!


What can you do in LightningCraft?

  • Make air terminals and lightning power cells to store LE (Lightning Energy)
  • Swing golf clubs in the air to summon lightning to store at first, but then find better methods of doing so
  • Make some electricium by striking an iron ingot, gold ingot, and diamond on the ground with lightning
  • Use the LE to run machines and create powerful materials, such as electricium, skyfather, and mystic
  • Machines include a faster furnace, a crusher, an infusion table, a device that can be used to move enchantments between items, and more
  • Transmit your LE from base to another location if you so desire with transmitters and receivers
  • Convert your stored lightning energy to and from RF / TESLA
  • Electricium is a metal that is a tier above diamond, as it is also made by infusing an iron ingot with a gold ingot and a diamond. Swords and Hammers made from this metal have a chance to summon lightning on foes you strike.
  • Make Kinetic tools, armor, and more that run on mobile lightning power
  • The Skyfather material has physical properties slightly above Electricium, but its electrical properties are well beyond it. Skyfather tools have auto-smelting, the skyfather hoe has quick farm (hoe a 1×3 row at a time, use again to get a 5×5 hoed area), and the sword and hammer have a greater chance to strike your foes with lightning.
  • Turns out, the gods don’t like mortals having such control over mother nature, so they’ve sent ones to deal with you, starting you on your divine journey to the Underworld…
  • And much more!

The current version (2.7) supports 1.10.2.


It features optional compatibility with these other mods:

  • Chisel
  • Just Enough Items
  • Tinker’s Construct

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A sample setup
From the back
Some receivers:
The Underworld Portal
Kinetic Armor and Sword
Skyfather Armor and Sword
The Lightning Guide also shows you infusion recipes!
Oh, and it has some sweet Thaumcraft integration. Aspects for everyone!

Spoiler for ore Screens
The Lightning Cell

The Lightning Cell

Holds lightning power it collects from the air terminal above it. You can charge this yourself by waving a golf club around, or (in the future) you’ll be able to make LP generators and such. Crafted with a metal block, four metal rods and four redstone. Update: you can no longer cheat the system by placing cell/terminal pairs near each other. Lightning only goes into one, not both.
A look inside the battery

A look inside the battery

Holds LP (Lightning Power). Iron Cells hold 100LP, Gold ones hold 250, and Electricium ones (high-tier metal from this mod) hold 750LP. The efficiency you see is the efficiency of the air terminal. Iron air terminals have a 45% efficiency (so the full 64LP a lightning strike can give only yields 28LP), gold air terminals have 65% efficiency (yielding 41LP), and electricium terminals have 90% efficiency (yielding 57LP).
The Lightning Furnace

The Lightning Furnace

Cooks like a normal furnace, only uses LP instead of fuel, and cooks quite a bit faster. Crafted like a normal furnace, but with an iron cell in the middle.
The Furnace GUI

The Furnace GUI

It’s pretty similar to normal furnace, except instead of fuel it shows you the LP storage in the adjacent LP cell.
It's Time to Cook

It’s Time to Cook

Cookin’ away
The Active state

The Active state

Lightning bolt on the front turns red and the front turns a lighter color.
Also, redstone particles.
The Lightning Infusion Table

The Lightning Infusion Table

Quite an intimidating name for this block. It can create powerful items (like electricium) by infusing them with other items and large amounts of LP.
The Infusion GUI

The Infusion GUI

Similar to the crafting table and furnace GUIs. You put the main item (to be infused) in the center, and other items around it.
Cost HUD

Cost HUD

It tells you whether or not the item can be infused and if you have enough LP to do so.
Let's begin.

Let’s begin.

Once the other items are placed in the slots (anywhere is fine, it’s not a shaped recipe), the infusion begins.
Electric Artifice

Electric Artifice

Behold, the creation of electricium!
Tools and such

Tools and such

With electricium, you can now craft the standard Minecraft menagerie of tools and armor.
Electricium Axe

Electricium Sword

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Thanks to Ancient_crafter for structure gen assistance


Modpack policy:

Feel free to use this in any pack as long as I am credited somehow. If it’s on Curse, it will automatically credit me, so no worries.

Mod Reviews

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