Limpcraft2 by LimpLungs


(Many features listed here are NOT in the mod yet. See features for what is avialable!)

LimpCraft is a mod that focuses on carbon manipulation. What does this mean?

  • You can condense carbon. Carbon condensing is the most basic form of manipulation. With this, you can literally turn coal to diamonds! The primary way to condense carbon is through use of a Carbon Condenser.
  • You can liquify carbon. Carbon liquification is another basic form of carbon manipulation. With this, you are able to melt any form of carbon down into raw carbon and use it as a liquid fuel. Enough with sending specific items in for the burner, melt them down and use them all at once! The primary way to liquify carbon is through use of a Carbon Melter.
  • You can purify carbon. Melting carbon leaves traces of all that was melted with it. These polluted carbons add the same fuel amount, but lesson the effectiveness of the fuel. If you have high polluted raw carbon and mix it with low or pure carbon, it will balance out and mix together. You can purify all carbon with the right equipment though. The primary way to purify carbon is with a Carbon Purifier.

All machines in LimpCraft2 will be able to be upgraded with different modules. Doing so will allow you to better define what each machine can do. (i.e. importing and exporting, locking input slots to specific metadata item, etc). Some modules are as follow:

  • Circuit Board: The circuit board allows installation of the various circuits in the mod to the sides of the machine block. If you put a import circuit into the left side of the circuit board, the left of the machine will be able to have items imported into it.
  • Locking Mechanism: The locking mechanism allows the player to lock automatic importing (i.e. hopper or another mod’s pipes) of each import slot (blue outlined) to a specific item.
  • Internal Storage: Some machines are capable to be upgraded so they can hold up to 4 inventory slots worth of storage (upgrade-able).

How do carbon values vary? All forms of carbon have “Carbon Count” or CC. No not closed captioning, but carbon count. Machines often list this in a form showing kCC. This is simply just the carbon count measured in thousands. 625CC = .625 kCC.



  • Carbon Condenser:
    The carbon condenser is the most basic machine. You can use this to condense the various forms of carbon, but for a price. It takes burning of other carbon forms to run the machine and condense them. Crafting recipe follows:


    NEI Support Added, it now shows the recipes / fuel usage!


  • Modules (explained in the overview):
    Modules can be installed in any order and at your leisure. Here is the Carbon Condenser with each module type installed!

    Carbon Condenser with no modules:

    Carbon Condenser with only the locking mechanism:

    Carbon Condenser with only the Circuit Board.

    Carbon Condenser with BOTH modules.

    Modules are installed with SHIFT + RIGHT CLICK when holding the module and using it on the machine.

    •  Circuit Board
      • The circuit board currently has 2 circuits that can be inserted. They are as follows:
        1. Import Circuit – This circuit allows the importing of items via hoppers or other pipes from mods!
        2. Export Circuit – This circuit allows the exporting of items with pipes from other mods!
      • Circuit Board usage

        Circuit board with one of each circuit installed.

         Picture of the machine in game below!

    •  Locking Mechanism

      How to setup the locks, and then the inventory after importing.




Slag Production and Refining:  Slag collects internally inside all of the machines. When they reach their cap (10,000,000 slag, or 1000 1 buckets of slag), the machine will stop working. However, you can remove the slag with buckets. These buckets begin to pile up, so what can you use them for?

  • Slag Burner: A 3x3x3 Multiblock Structure, with variable building materials avaiable to use. Description removed as I am working on updating it. In-game documentation soon to come too! For now, right click bucket of slag on gravel if you need quick disposal and don’t know how to make the burner.


Planned Features:

  1. Locking mechanism makes a ghost copy of item instead of using an item.
  2. Carbon Melter and Carbon Purifier.
  3. Advanced Carbon Condenser and the Carbon Sharpener
  4. Carbon Caster – Cast various carbon items based on their carbon count along with a mold and other ingredients.
  5. Access Blocks upgrades and terminal.
  6. Slagma (slower burning lava, used in new multiblock to come! Hint – already found in a village without the slagma)

Extra Information

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More information  at and also


Special thanks to diesieben07, Choonster and KingLemming for helping me get my sided textures rendering problem solved!


Note2- recommended build is the latest “Released” build, despite what the .jar file has as a title. 2.0.08dev1 is an entirely updated version from 2.0.08. Entirely meaning, new GUI and all the features listed in the features area. It is the first version with a stabilized Carbon Condenser.