LIT (Little Insignificant Things) by M4thG33k

This mod just adds little things that are more utility than anything. There won’t be much content, but it’ll serve it’s purpose.

The first block that is added is the Improved Furnace which is crafted from a vanilla furnace and two flint. Somehow this allows the furnace to convert any solid fuel (or lava buckets) placed within it into a buffer which it draws from as needed, basically removing the waste of burning a whole piece of charcoal to cook one item.

The second block which was added was the Improved Chest which is crafted from a vanilla chest and two flint. This chest only has an extra row of inventory, but other mods can extend this feature further. (See Gemulation – and add-on to Silent’s Gems).

Please post issues to the GitHub repository (and state which version of the mod is having issues 1.8 or 1.9. I will assume it’s 1.9 unless explicitly stated.)

This mod is (hopefully) also able to be used as a library to extend its features for usage in other mods; the furnace should be able to be extended with different traits. More info will be added about this as needed. You can also follow me on Twitter to see what’s going on in my mod development, etc @M4thG33k.