Lumberjack by DoubleDoorDevelopment, Claycorp, dries007

You MUST have D3 Core to use this mod! <– Click to get!

Sick of chopping each and every log or leaf? Lumberjack axes will decimate anything in there path! (As long its wood and the settings are proper.)

What it do?

  • Adds new axes that you can craft to cut down wood!
  • Auto-Adds new axes if developers use the proper things.
  • Uses connected destruction in all directions!
  • Configurable to chop leaves. Costs no durability! (Careful! You might chop all the leaves off a forest!)
  • Option to cut everything with material wood. (This can be EXTREMELY destructive!)


Turn this:forest with trees

Into this! With just a Stone LumberAxe.

New things it adds!

Look at these fancy axes!

Axes :D (New axes will be added if mods allow)

Simply crafted like so…

OreDictionary Registered!

(OreDictionary Registered!)


Something borked?

Get up to date builds here or Use the Issue list!  Don’t forget the crash log!