Machine Power Craft by MrDimkas_Studio


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This is a tech-bases mod, adding loads of new machines (currently only 5), and generators (currently 3) to Minecraft.

Those are:

  • Generators:

    • Fuel Generator
    • Solar Panel
    • Lunar Panel
  • Machines:

    • Machine Assembler (Used to craft other machines in the mod)
    • Electrical Furnace (Smelts faster, than stone furnace, and uses RF/EU instead of fuel)
    • Compressor (Used to compress metals into plates)
    • Teleporter (You can teleport to a point, set by clicking on it with coordinator)
    • Quarry (Mine a big chunk of earth. You need to specify 2 points, clicking on yellow and green spots on the front of it with coordinators)
  •  You can freely suggest ideas, and if I like them, they will be implemented in the mod HERE!