Malisis Blocks by Ordinastie

Malisis Blocks

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Spoiler for layer Sensor :

A little block that creates a redstone current when a player passes under. It can be placed on the walls, floors or ceiling. It doesn’t have the annoying click sound pressure plates have, and it’s safer too as it won’t let creepers enter your home sweet home.

Recipe :
In game :

Spoiler for anishing Frames :

Vanishing frames that fade out when powered with redstone current. When powered, they transmit the current to their neighbouring fellow frames so you can make whole walls vanish into thin air. Once current is out, frames revert back to their normal state. Once placed in a world, you can right click on them with any normal block and the frames will copy and use the block textures.
Frames come in four different materials : wood, iron, gold and diamond.
– wood frames will always propagate their state to neighbouring frames
– iron frames will only propagate to neighbouring frames that are copying the same block
– gold frames will only propagate to neighbouring frames that are copying the same block with the same metadata (ie : gold frame won’t trigger a frame copying a wool block with a different color).
– diamond frames will allow you to entirely customize the behaviour. You can choose in which direction the propagation will occur, the delay and even the duration.

Recipe :
In game :

Spoiler for lock Mixer and mixed blocks :

The Block Mixer is a self powered machine that crushes blocks together. The result is a mixed block blending the textures of both blocks. If a light emitting block is mixed, the result will emit light. If a block of redstone is mixed, the result will emit redston current. Also, mixing a non opaque block allows to see through it.
In addition, you can mix these items to get a special effect :
– Ender pearl displays nether portal animation.
– Water bucket displays flowing water.
– Lave bucket displays flowing lava.

Recipe :
Examples :
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No restriction concerning modpacks. Feel free to use this mod in your modpacks!.