Malisis Switches by Ordinastie


Simple wireless redstone switches. 

Malisis Switches provides a method to specially crafted switches that essentially allows them to be quantum entangled. As an example you could have a deep dark mob spawning room with an equally dark and foreboding hallway leading to it. That in and of itself is a a trap or form of protection against other players. But not for you, because you have a secret a switch that when you flip it lights up the hallways, activates mob killers to clean the hallway and lights up the mob spawning room and pulls in the glass walls so you can inspect it without entering it. Flipping the switch again reverses everything. Of course you’ll have to have some kind of redstone engineering around the other switch but at least you don’t have a long line of redstone going from switch to switch!

For detailed information about all blocks and recipes, please visit MalisisSwitches 1.10.2-3.1.0 thread on

Warning : the mod requires MalisisCore.



Greenstone dust that comes from redstone with a bit of emerald. Makes the redstone wireless.
A simple switch that can control the redstone current from a distance.
The Light Switch which is another simple switch that can control redstone current from a distance.
The Relay is a simple block than relays wirelessly input redstone current. Interacts with PowerLinker the same way Switches do.
The PowerLinker, A tool that can link a Switch with the blocks it’s supposed to control. First right click the switch with the PowerLinker, then right click blocks you want the redstone current to be applied to. You can unlink locations by sneak-right clicking previously linked blocks. To unselect a switch, just unequip the PowerLinker. The tool also allows the wielder to see the links between the switches and the blocks.



  • MIT