Mana Wells by Dark_Lizzy


“XP” and “levels” in Minecraft work nothing like XP and Levels in any other game (video, tabletop, or otherwise). Instead, “xp” and “levels” in Minecraft work like a resource that you can collect and use, and it’s a resource that you use to make magic items.

Therefore, what Minecraft calls “xp”, I call magical energy (a.k.a. mana), and what Minecraft calls “levels”, I see as levels-of-mana (like stacks of mana I guess, which, oddly, take more to fill the more you have).

So, with that in mind, I introduce… the Mana Well:

A mana well slowly gathers mana (“xp”) over time. When a player touches it, all the mana within is released for them to collect.

It is only found deep within the earth, in amongst the bedrock, where it draws magical energy from the nothingness of the void.

After being emptied of its contents, a mana well becomes dormant for one Minecraft day. During this time it becomes a ‘mana sink’ and can drain mana from the surface world. Standing too close to a dormant mana well puts you at risk of having some of your mana (“xp”) sucked away. Never stand directly on a dormant mana well!

After this dormant period, it begins generating mana again. It takes an average of one Minecraft lunar cycle for a mana well to fill up to its optimal absorption rate limit (indicated by a red spot in the centre of the well). It still generates mana after reaching this point, but at a reduced rate, and the fuller it gets the slower it generates mana.

At the optimal absorption rate limit, a mana well contains 560 “xp” or more.

This mod is intended to provide players with an extra “xp” source to help alleviate the constant need to grind for “levels”. However, mana wells are rare and can be rather hard to find, and digging around bedrock level has its perils (lava). You have to work for it!

Mana wells are also indestructible, so you can’t take them home with you. Additionally, mana wells tend to attract witches, who also want the mana for themselves. Don’t let them steal it!
~Inspired by Dungeon Keeper’s mana vault.


Mana Well at each visible stage of fullness (empty to optimal absorption rate limit):

**Starting a new world is recommended as mana wells will only appear in newly generated terrain.**

Client/Server Info:
This is a client/server mod. It will work on a client (SP) and a server (MP). Any client connecting to a server using this mod must have the mod installed in order to connect.

Mod Compatibility:
This mod adds one block to the world, so it is likely compatible with other Forge mods. However, it has not been tested with any mods made by other people.

Always back up your world before loading it with new mods installed.

If you find any bugs related to the mana well, please let me know.


Spoiler for dditional Mana Well Information:

Mana Well Generation:

Mana wells generate at level 1 to 4 in the surface world. This puts them in amongst the bedrock. They have a 1 in 64 chance of being generated per chunk, making them quite rare. On average, there will be one per 128 x 128 block square area.

Mana Generation:

Mana is generated every ‘block tick’ (see Minecraft Wiki/Tick). The amount of mana generated depends on how much mana is in the well. The optimal aborption rate limit is 560. Before reaching that limit, the amount of mana generated is 1-7 per block tick. Once that limit has been reached, the amount generated is halved. This new, sub-optimal, absorption rate has a limit as well. Once that limit is reached the amount generated is halved again, and so on until the rate of regeneration becomes virtually nil. The best time to harvest from a mana well is when it reaches its optimal absorption rate limit (i.e. when you see the red spot in the centre of the well). The brightness of the glow in the centre of the mana well indicates progress towards reaching this limit. When a mana well generates mana it makes a faint sound (the XP orb sound).

Dormant Mana Wells:

Mana wells become dormant for one Minecraft day after releasing thier contents. During this time they become ‘mana sinks’. When a block tick occurs on a dormant mana well, the nearest player within 4 blocks, if any, will be drained of 7-14 mana (“xp”). Any player standing on a dormant mana well will be drained of that random amount every 0.15 of a second that they remain on it (that’s 6.67 times per second).


Witches are attracted to mana wells, as they desire the mana for themselves. Each block tick there is a chance that a witch will spawn within 16 blocks of a mana well. This chance is greater the more mana a well contains, and it is also greater the higher the game difficulty is. Empty mana wells do not attract witches. Witches spawned by mana wells obey the same basic spawning rules as other hostile mobs do. Witches are the only creature other than a player that can take mana from a mana well. If a witch steps on a mana well, it will empty the well. A witch that empties a mana well will also become empowered for a time, making it much harder to kill. The amount of time depends on the amount of mana that was in the well (seconds = (80 + mana in well x 2) / 20) . A mana well with 560 “xp” in it will empower a witch for 60 seconds. During this time they will emit pink potion effect particles.

Acquiring Mana Well Blocks:

Mana wells can only be aquired from the creative mode inventory. Mana wells placed by a player at level 5 or higher will be inactive as they will be too far from the void to absorb mana. Inactive mana wells are completely inert; they do nothing and remain empty. Naturally occuring mana wells always generate close enough to the void to be active. Mana wells placed in dimensions other than the surface world will be inactive regardless of the level they are placed on. They simply don’t work in dimensions other than the surface world.

Other Notes:

Mana well blocks are indestructible, like bedrock. Mana wells emit light unless empty. The brightness depends on how full they are. A player in creative mode cannot be drained of mana. A player with 0 “xp” will not be adversely affected by a dormant mana well.




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