MattDahEpic Core

Common code for all MattDahEpic mods. Adds a bunch of useful commands too!


To use this mod you must agree to the EULA. It simply covers me for the version tracker and any modifications made to the jar by you.



Commands as of version 1.8.9-1.1.1:

  • /mde enderchest Views the enderchest of a player
  • /mde invsee Views the inventory of a player
  • /mde killall Kills all entities of the specified name or all hostile if none specified
  • /mde pos Prints out the coordinates and dimension of the specified player
  • /mde pregen Pregenerates chunks
  • /mde regen Regenerates the chunk the user is in
  • /mde tickrate Slows or speeds up time
  • /mde tps Shows the ticks per second of the world
  • /mde tpx Cross dimensional teleportation
  • /mde version Shows all loaded MattDahEpic mods
  • /mde help Shows a condensed and updated version of this list



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