Melon Block Drop by Syntaxial

Built against build: 1673 (1.8.9)

As of 1.1, built against build: 1563 (1.8), and will be updated once 1.9 beta builds start

A quick overview


Well, try to imagine being a farmer. You’re out in the field with your slaves employees, harvesting your carrots, potatoes, wheat and pumpkins without any issues. One day, you have an idea; Why not grow melons?

You wait for months, and eventually, your first melon is ready to be harvested. You reach out to pick it off of the vine, and BOOM, it explodes into slices.

Wait, what? That doesn’t happen in real life, why should it happen in Minecraft? Well, with this mod, it won’t 🙂

What have you done to my farm?!

Don’t worry, your existing farms are fine. You don’t need to change anything! The only change you’ll notice is that your melons actually drop melons instead of slices.

Melon blocks can’t split open if you don’t break them!

Yeah, I discovered that as I was going. I’ve added some shapeless crafting recipes for melon blocks to help out there.

Disappointed by the low output when putting a single melon in the table? Fill some more of the slots and see what happens 🙂