MineMenu by dmillerw & Girafi

You’ve probably encountered a fair amount of key binding conflicts and have been overwhelmed with the hassles of finding which key best suits the mod functions, but with this fancy new radial menu you put the power of 10 keys…that’s right, 10, in to the comfort of only one. Even with the option to have sub-menus! MineMenu supports key bindings, commands, and creative functions to make your life easier.

The radial MineMenu appears when you hit the ‘R’ key.



Modpack permissions

Feel free to use Passthrough Signs in any kind of modpack, as long as you link back to this page and don’t make any money of the modpack.

* The always wonderful CyanideX, for putting up with me, and for offering his artistic services

Contact me (Girafi) on IRC: #Girafi on esper.net!