Modular Systems by pauljoda & Dyonovan

Requires Bookshelf API

What is Modular Systems?

Modular Systems is the conceptual successor to Modular Furnace. Its more of an expansion to the idea of modular multi-blocks. The original Modular Furnace mod is included as well as other modular systems. You can turn each system on and off in the config.

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Important Links
Chat: Discord Server

Mod Info

All mod info can be found on our wiki. This will be updated as the mod updates


Anyone is free to use this mod, this includes mod packs, personal use, etc. If you decide you want to use this mod, give a post here so I can see who is using my mod and others can see your pack.



Coding can be tough. If you think looking at my code can help you feel free to. In fact, if you think you can improve the mod by adding features, code cleaning, performance, etc please put in a request with your code on Github. If you are good with textures, please send me a message. I’m awful with them and would love to work with someone to try to make the mod better


Please post bugs and issues here