Modular Tools by zero_fall

Modular Tools introduces a self-balancing mechanic, allowing you to customize your tools using a compromise between upgrades and downgrades. Each upgrade and downgrade has a number of points associated with it, and you must “balance the equation” for the tool to work. Shift+Right-Click the tool to access the GUI. There is a number in the center of the GUI that will tell you if the points are too high or too low.


Modular Tools GUI


  • Will there be more modifiers and tools soon?
    • Yup. I plan to add more modifiers, tools, and possibly change balance (points, recipes, etc.). If you have some suggestions, let me know!
  • Is there an easy way to disable AoE mining? (Size Upgrade, Depth Upgrade, Vein Upgrade, etc.)
    • Sneaking will disable all AoE mining effects.
  • Why can’t I use Speed Upgrades and Speed downgrades at the same time?
    • Some modifiers cannot be used together, generally ones with opposite effects.
  • How do I repair my Modular Pickaxe? I’m worried about losing all my modifiers when it breaks.
    • When the tool breaks, you do not lose it. It just becomes unusable until it is repaired. To repair it, put it into a crafting grid with Iron Ingots.