More Food by workshopcraft

This mod has been created to add more foods to 1.8.9.

Currently this mod adds 3 new crop types. These are Onions, Tomato’s and Lettuce.  As well as these, I’ve also added some basic tools which include a knife, pot, mixing bowl and pestle and mortar.  You can create bread more efficiently by first crafting dough and then cooking it but you can also craft bagette’s, buns, pizza’s and also foot longs, burgers and sandwiches.

This mod is intended to be used on the workshopcraft follower server and as such i’m making this live now and will add more recipes later.  There is currently 1 item that has no use (suet) but once I’ve added more recipes this item will be used to craft various cakes and dumplings.  I intend on keeping this mod updated for the server.



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