MultiBeds by ShetiPhian




ShetiPhianCore is Required!



This mod adds Beds with a range of customization.
There are 16 colors and 16 logos. You can match any color with any logo or have no logo.

That’s 272 combos!

Type /FruzstratedsGuide in-game for recipes and info.







Craft 3 feather baffles, place them onto any wood to make a comfy bed.


(Note: if Terraqueous is in cloud beds can be crafted as well.)





Using 3 carpet of the same color will give a spread with no logo. A dye on top will give one with a logo.

‘Shift + Right-Click’ on a bed with a spread to place it or replace an existing.

‘Shift + Right-Click’ on a bed with an empty hand to pick up the spread.