Mystical Crops by swordkorn

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This mod is still under heavy development and most functionality is yet to be implemented.

Crafting recipes for seeds, essences, dusts, alloy dusts and all smelting operations have been added as of 1.2


Keep an eye on the comments below for planned updates and how your feedback can help shape the mod going forward!


Available as of Alpha 1.1:

Diamond seeds and crops!

Wands included have basic uses. Try them out!

Essences can be used to craft decorative blocks!


Available as of Beta 1.2:

Craftable seeds!

Craftable wands including Mystic Wand (Mystic Wand currently only used for crafting. WILL BE CONSUMED!!! You have been warned!)

Copper, Tin, Ardite and Cobalt seeds with plant now available! (See images for how to craft)

All plants now drop only one seed and NUGGETS! BONEMEAL HAS BEEN DISABLED FOR PLANTS

Alloy dusts and crafting recipes!

Ingots are made with 9 nuggets and can be converted back and forth by crafting!


Refer to Images to see all crafting recipes.

JEI works with the recipes already.


Welcome to Mystical Crops! A mod aimed at offering farmable resources and magical content!

This mod is still very WIP and a lot of things are yet to be implemented.


Ore plants

Growable Iron, Gold, Copper, Tin, Ardite, Cobalt, Redstone, Diamond and the new Mystic materials!


Elemental Essences

Item only. Functionality WIP


Pyrus Essence – the element of fire in the palm of your hand!

Terran Essence – nature’s beauty encapsulated for your use!

Aquatics Essence – water water everywhere and not a drop to drink!

Vintus Essence – wind is a mysterious property… maybe you can find a use!

Ethereal Essence – mind, body and soul. All in harmony, access the spiritual powers!


Use them to craft their relevant stones! Fancy!


Elemental Wands


Harness the power of the elements to cast great spells!

Pyrus Wand – Available. Basic functionality (v1.1 and above)

Terran Wand – Available. Basic functionality (v1.1 and above)

Aquatics Wand – Available. Basic functionality (v1.1 and above)

Vintus Wand – Not yet available

Ethereal Wand – Not yet available

Mystic Wand – Available. Crafting item only (v1.2 and above)



The wands is just one implementation idea I’ve had so far and I’m still thinking of ways they can be used to enhance the vanilla experience without making things too easy.



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