Nether Essence by The_Fireplace

Overview: This is an updated, rewritten version of flayr’s Nether Essence mod. The Nether Essence Mod adds Nether Essence, which is a new way to make gunpowder, a new fuel source, and make blocks that can be used for light.

Mod Content:

The Nether Essence Mod adds a new item and 2 new blocks. The item, Nether Essence, is the main point of the mod and its primary purpose is to craft gunpowder.

Nether Essence is crafted with 6 Netherrack, 2 Soulsand and 1 lava bucket. 4 Nether Essence can then be crafted with 4 Redstone dust and 1 piece of coal to make gunpowder. 8 Nether Essence can also be crafted together to make a Nether Essence block, which acts as a source of light, although it is not as bright as Glowstone or torches it is still waterproof.  For a stronger source of light, you can make a Radiant Nether Essence Block by adding a glowstone surrounded by nether essence.   Alternatively both Nether Essence and Nether Essence Blocks can be used as a nether-found fuel source. Nether Essence can smelt 4 blocks and Nether Essence Blocks can smelt 32 blocks.

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