OAReborn by gjgfuj

OAReborn is a rewrite of OpenAutomation for 1.8+. It adds various items for various features and other various goodies. The primary feature we have is Lasers.

Currently Implemented:

Player Lasers (Allows you to send you, the player, off along the laser line at an RF cost.) (Shift click to rotate output face.)

Laser Mirror (Reflects lasers. Is a diagonal mirror, the lasers will reflect at right angles according to the mirror’s angles.)

Laser Splitter (Splits lasers into two parts. Inputs are the small,sunken in mirrors, outputs are the large, full block size faces.)

Laser Receiver (Receives lasers and outputs them.) (Shift click to rotate output face.)

(Creative Only) Creative RF Tool ((Doesn’t have a texture or a name yet) Is a tool that fills a machine up with RF by rightclicking on the machine.)