Open Radio by XDjackieXD & canitzp

This add-on for OpenComputers add lasers for networking. they transparently transfer network packets to an connected laser.

(Through the use of AE-Encoders which can be placed next to a laser you can also connect AE2 networks using lasers. – No AE2 for 1.8.9 yet 🙁 )

Lasers need the following things to work:

– a DSP to process the data (tier 3 needed for the AE-Encoder to work)

– a photo receptor to receive data from the other laser

– a semi-transparent mirror to split incoming laser beams and your own laser beam

– a laser to transmit data


The laser and lens have the following tiers:


– Tier 1 (laser diode) uses 25 RF/t and has a base range of 64 blocks

– Tier 2 (CO2 laser tube) uses 50 RF/t and has a base range of 128 blocks

– Tier 3 (Nd:YAG laser tube) uses 100 RF/t and has a base range of 256 blocks

Lens Multiplier (base multiplier = 1):

– Tier 1 (glass lens): +1

– Tier 2 (quartz infused lens): +3

– Tier 3 (shaped diamond lens): +7

(Adding an AE-Encoder multiplies power usage by 10. – No AE2 for 1.8.9 yet 🙁 )


Most things like power usage, ranges and multipliers can be adjusted in the config file.