OreDowsing by meritoc

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The Ore Dowsing mod provides items called Dowsing Rods which can help find ores and other blocks.  When you right-click with a Dowsing Rod it highlights ores which it finds in a cube around you (sized from 9x9x9 to 17x17x17 depending on the tier).  Which ores it highlights is also dependent on the tier.

A Wooden Dowsing Rod highlighting some iron ore:

a Wooden Dowsing Rod highlighting some iron ore

A Diamond Dowsing Rod highlighting coal, iron, redstone, lapis, gold, and diamond ores:

a Diamond Dowsing Rod highlighting many ores


There are 4 different Dowsing Rods:

  • Wood Dowsing Rod
    • made with 5 sticks, 1 coal
    • Wood Dowsing Rod recipe
    • finds iron
    • searches 9×9 cube
    • 50 uses
  • Iron Dowsing Rod
    • made with 5 iron ingots, 1 redstone
    • Iron Dowsing Rod recipe
    • finds gold
    • searches 13×13 cube
    • 100 uses
  • Gold Dowsing Rod
    • made with 5 gold ingots, 1 lapis lazuli
    • Gold Dowsing Rod recipe
    • finds diamonds
    • searches 17×17 cube
    • 100 uses
  • Diamond Dowsing Rod
    • made with 5 diamonds, 1 emerald
    • Diamond Dowsing Rod recipe
    • shift-right-click on a block to find that type of block
    • shift-right-click on air to find any ore
    • searches 17×17 cube
    • expand range by combining with 4 more diamonds in a crafting grid
    • 1000 uses
    • repair damage by recharging with RF