Parachronology by ZenDarva


The mod revolves around “Stolen Moments”, used to influence time in strange ways.  It is intended for use in Skyblock maps, as a way to provide access to resources not otherwise available.

Stolen Moments are obtained by killing mobs.  There are at least 3 tiers: Simple Moments, Moments, and Complex moments.

Simple moments drop from Zombies, Skeletons, Creepers, and Slimes, and Endermen.

Moments drop from: Endermen, Zombie Pigmen, Blazes, Magma Cubes, and Wither Skeletons.

Complex Moments drop from Ghasts, The Wither, and the Ender Dragon.

The mod will also include a World Type for generating skyblock worlds.  The skyblock world generation has been split out into the mod Islands In The Sky, Islands In The Sky is intended for multiplayer dedicated server use, as such, Parachronology retains its internal code for creating a skyblock world.

All transforms/displacements are configurable in the configuration file, as well as adding new ones, and removing old ones.

You’ll have to select the World Generation type “Empty World” to get the Skyblock map generation.


Basic Moments:

Basic moments are crafted from Saplings.
They can transform 3 wood into Petrified Wood by right clicking on the wood in the world.

Used to craft Displacer.



Uses for Simple Moments:

Right click on Wood, and it will be converted to Petrified Wood.  up to 8 touching blocks for a simple moment, 32 for a Moment, and all touching wood for a Complex Moment, this destroys the Moment.
Petrified wood is ore-dicted with cobble stone.

Chrono-Displacer:  When placed in the world, a Chrono Displacer can be fed with Moments.  During operation, nearby blocks will be converted into blocks from alternate time streams.  This allows the production of resources otherwise not available.  The tier of the displacer determines which blocks are affected, and the possible end results.

Tier 1:
Input                Possible Result
Wood                Cobble
Smooth Stone

Cobble                Iron Ore
Coal Ore

Iron Block            Obsidian

Sapling                Any other vanilla sapling

Simple moments may also be used as bonemeal, right clicking on an IPlantable will act like using bonemeal on it.  1 use for Simple, 4 for Moment, and 8 for Complex, this destroys the Moment.

Crafting a simple moment with a bucket will give you a bucket of water.

Uses for Moments:

Chrono-Displacer: Teir two is crafted by a Moment, surrouned by 8 Simple Moments.  The resulting item is then used on a tier 1 Chrono-Displacer placed in world to upgrade it to tier 2.  A tier 2 Displacer retains all available tier 1 transformations, and adds the following:

Teir 2
Input                Possible Result
Dirt                Melon
Lily Pad

Cobble                Gold Ore
(Basic Modded Ores)

Smooth Stone        Lapis Ore
Emerald Ore
Redstone Ore

Netherrack            Sand

Sand                Cactus
Sand Stone
Gold Block  Diamond Ore

Moments may be used to interact with Mobs.  Right clicking a mob with a moment may transform that mob into another type, destroying the moment. Shift right clicking a mob with a moment will absorb that mob into the moment, so that you may relocate it.  Right clicking with a Mob containing moment releases the mob, and destroys the moment.

Input Mob            Possible Result

Zombie                Cow

Zombie Pigmen        Pig

Spider                Sheep

Slime        <->        Magma Cubes

Crafting a Moment with a bucket will give you a bucket of Lava.

Uses for Complex Moments:

Chrono-Displacer: Tier three is crafted by a Complex Moment, surrounded by 8  Moments.  The resulting item is then used on a tier 2 Chrono-Displacer placed in world to upgrade it to tier 3.  A tier 3 Displacer retains all available tier 2 and tier 1 transformations, and adds the following:
Tier 3

Input                Possible Result

Smooth Stone        Diamond
(End Game Modded Ores)

Diamond Block        Spawner (Zombie, Skeleton, Spider, Enderman, Blaze)

Soul Sand            End Stone

A Complex Moment can be used to convert an Enderman into a villager, in the same manner as other mob conversions.  It can also convert a Squid into a guardian.

If you construct a 4×4 flat ring of End Stone, and right click any one of them with a Complex Moment, an end portal will be generated inside.

You are free to use this in any modpack you might wish.  I would request that you notify me, but do not require it.