Parachute Mod by CrackedEgg

Parachute Mod by CrackedEgg

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The parachute allows you to jump from high places and control your descent. Now base jumping in Minecraft is possible! The parachute pretty much steers just like the boat. It’s fun! It only takes a few jumps to learn to skydive! Pressing the ‘W’ key will give you forward motion that can take you pretty far. The parachute will deploy by right-clicking on the ripcord item after you jump. Make sure you are wearing the parachute first! Just above the ground your parachute will ‘drop’ giving you a soft and safe landing. Watch out for overhanging cliffs and cliff walls. The parachute may ‘drop’ if you get too close. Use the spacebar key to add ‘thermal lift’ and you will rise up.

Spoiler for UI configuration:

You no longer need to edit the config file by hand. Just click on the MODS button in the main menu page and choose the parachute mod from the list, click the CONFIG button. Change what you want to and when done click the DONE button and navigate back to the main menu and launch the game. Easy!

Now you can enable turbulence in the config file for that windy day effect. There is also a config file option to disable/enable bad weather turbulence. If it’s raining the parachute gets blown around some, if it’s storming (thundering) there’s even more turbulence. You can thank anxcon for this idea too. The clear weather turbulence is disabled by default. The bad weather turbulence is enabled by default.

You can also enable thermals from lava. There is a config file option. When you enable lava thermals the space bar thermals feature is disabled, you can only rise by being over lava. Check out the config file for details. Thanks to anxcon for this idea.

The parachute has been redesigned for Minecraft 1.6.2 and later. There are now two canopies to choose from. The old smaller canopy or the new larger one. This is selectable in the config file. Also the parachute is now worn as armor chestplate. At this time the parachute cannot be worn over any armor. Also there is a ripcord item that will be needed to activate the parachute. You would have this item active in your inventory and right click. There is also an Automatic Activation Device (AAD) that can be used to automatically deploy the parachute when reaching a certain altitude. Default is 15 meters above ground or water. The AAD can be turned on/off by right clicking on the item while it is active in your inventory. Once the AAD is on you can store it in any open inventory slot and it will continue to work.

There is a config file in the config directory in your minecraft folder. In versions 1.7.10 and below this must be edited by hand. In version 1.8.0 there is a new GUI config you can access in the MODS page. You can set the height limit of the parachute. You really can’t do much above 256 meters anyway. So the default altitude is 225 meters. That should be high enough to get you over anything. You can change this to suit your needs including disabling it altogether by using a limit of zero. The parachute texture is the wool texture from the current resource pack. You can choose a single texture color or use a random one. There is also an option to disable the ‘thermals’. A ‘fallDistance’ option allows you to set how far you fall before the parachute auto deploys using the AAD item. You can also select the canopy size too. You can set the parachute texture here also. All this is explained in the config file.

Spoiler for rafting:

Crafting a parachute is easy, 3 wool blocks, 2 strings, and 1 leather or 3 wool blocks and 3 strings for the hop-n-pop. See the crafting recipe screenshot below. Also the crafting recipes for the ripcord and AAD items are shown too.

The leather pack texture is made by TQuin, thanks!**

Crafting recipes






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