Photoptics by abab9579


Photoptics is a mod which adds Optical Instruments to minecraft, like telescopes.

Currently it adds basic binoculars, which can be crafted by 4 glass panes on the edges,  3 iron ingots on the middle row in the crafting table,

and basic handheld telescope, which can be crafted by putting a glass block on the middle of the first row, an iron block on the second row, a glass pane on the third row.

Here are the basic binoculars and basic handheld telescope.

They can be used using right click, and zoom in/out by pressing +/- key.


Using basic binoculars:

Combination with Stellar Sky:



Planned Features

– Portable telescopes(Telescopes which can be installed on a tripod) will be added in a few weeks.

– Also telescope structure in dome will be added.

– Modular binoculars and telescopes.

– The performance of the optical instrument will be based on used materials, the  structure, and level on lens/mirror making.

– The model will be different via the used materials.

– Lens/Mirror making process, and level of the player on the technology.

– Power system based on light will be added. Various wavelengths will be used to analyze information from the sky, and it will be able to be used as power source.


– Setting focus will be added later, since minecraft has nearly no support from those visual effects. (in particular, Shaders)