Placemod by Ternsip

Placemod (Fast Schematic Spawning System)

Author: Ternsip

Minecraft: [1.7.*], [1.8.*], [1.9.*]

Mod latest version: 1.5

Origin thread: minecraftforum

Placemod adds new extraordinary very optimized and fast structure generator in the world. It spawns different structures based on schematics in the world on the server side. During the world exploration you can find various discoveries neatly generated from schematics. Produced structures can reach gigantic proportions, since schematics is not limited by size.
Any user can add arbitrary schematic to make it possible automatically appear in the world. Mod config provides the ability to adjust spawn rate. It is possible to generate villages constructed from schematic sets. I have collected more than 800+ great schematics and include them to standard mod releases.

When Minecraft first time starts with this mod it may take a time is about 1 min, first reading any schematic entails appropriate calculating flags: permissible biomes, schematic air-skin to speed up and decorate spawn routine.

Even if your schematic have ground level (with grass, gravel, stone, dirt etc.) it will dig down as it is necessary.
if your scheme is made roughly mod will automatically detect air outside of your structure and place it goodly.
Villagers automatically spawns around towns and villages.
Every chest will have random loot according to its spawn method.

You can find all *.schematics inside Placemod/Schematics/.
By default it has next subdirectories: Common, Floating, Underground, Underwater, Water, Village.
You can put your own folders and schematics inside without any problems.
* Common – conventional buildings
* Floating – hovering in the sky, like floating islands
* Underground – fully dug into the ground
* Underwater – appears under water
* Water – spawns exactly on water
* Village – same folder schematics tries to appear all at once

Mod Configuration
Spawn rate adjusting Config file located in Placemod/config.cfg
[DENSITY = 0.01] Density is average amount of structures that can be spawned in one chunk

Permissible biomes
Mod automatically classifies biome type as one of the: mesa, sand, snow, mushroom, water, nether, all others. Mod function checks biome pertinence to it class each time before structure spawning. It is fully compatible with Biomes O’Plenty, classical biomes and others gen-based mods.

Notice: When you add new schematics to the mod or create schematic-pack try to keep each schematic name with their author or publisher name in brackets (for example [Rock477]FloatingIsland, [Hiro24]Atlantis), and delete all special and whitespace symbols from name for convenience.

Notice: Do not create subfolders deeper inside Placemod/Schematics/ with names “Common”, “Floating”, “Underground”, “Underwater”, “Village”, “Water”, because it indicates spawn method and may to confuse you. That Folders already been created.


World structure generator highly optimized since 1.4 version.
Added precalulating structure flags and skin.
Spawn system nicely simplified.

0. Delete previous versions of this mod if you have and make world backup.
1. Download and unzip the archive.
2. Put jar from the mods folder to your minecraft mods folder.
3. Put Placemod folder to your minecraft (win+r %appdata%/.minecraft/) folder.

License: You can freely distribute this mod.

Requires: Forge

I hope you enjoy!