Plateable Items by MrTutankhamun

Plateable Items by MrTutankhamun

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Plate Model / Credit: MrTutankhamun

This mod is a simple mod that adds in a new block into the game, the plate!

You can place it wherever you want on the ground and then show off your cool enchanted golden apple, your diamond sword or your fabulous stick on it.

To add a block or item on it, use the right mouse button and click on the plate with a block or item. To remove a block/item from the plate, click it with nothing in your hand and you will get the item on the top of the plate.


You can also stack items on each other so you can have a mountain of pork-chops on a plate 😀

If you are hungry and have food on the plate, you can click on the plate in survival mode to eat the food.


Spoiler for rafting

You can either craft the plate with clay balls, or an iron ingot and a bowl!

You can get the Stone Plate and the Wood Plate in Creative Mode (will add recipes in the next update)

Clay Method
Ingot & Bowl Method