Pocket Nether Link by kandivia

If you’re like me, you despise the Nether. It’s inhospitable, repulsive and can be a source of a major lag, yet eventually you will have to visit the dimension in hunt of exclusive materials. No longer is this the case. Instead of building up a regular Nether portal, you can light a hand-sized portal. Although entities aren’t able to cross to the other dimension, items passed through it are infused with the magical properties of the Pocket Nether Link and are transformed into their Nether equivalent.


Quartz Ore World Gen:

Quartz ore now spawns in the Overworld at y-levels 20 to 30 for all your decor needs!


    • The Pocket Nether Link does not get used up in crafting, but it has a limited amount of uses(512) before you must craft another.
    • Overworld Quartz Ore has similar properties to Nether Quartz Ore.
    • Config Options:
      • Can enable skeletons to drop their skulls at a given % chance.
      • The Pocket Nether Link’s recipe can be change to use 8 Obsidian instead of 4.
      • You can change the durability of the Pocket Nether Link.
      • You can disable Oveworld Quartz Ore Spawn, change Y-level spawn, or the rarity of Quartz Ore.



Feel free to include this mod in any modpack you wish. Just include a link to the forum post with my name.

Mod Spotlights:

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