Portable Crafting by gr8pefish

This 1.8.9 ready mod is the spiritual successor to iBench, adding a portable crafting table with some nifty features.

    • The crafting table keeps the items in the crafting grid stored even when the inventory is closed.
    • It supports shift clicking into and out of it.
    • There are 3 buttons beside the crafting grid (that are also linked to hotkeys) that can do the following:
      • Rotate the items in the crafting grid, this spins the exterior 8 items in the crafting grid.
      • Balance the items in the crafting grid, this makes each item in the crafting grid have even (or as even as possible) stack sizes if they are imbalanced.
      • Clear the items in the crafting grid, this brings them back down to your inventory.
    • You can also open the crafting grid directly with a hotkey (default ‘c’)
    • The mod also has Just Enough Items integration, allowing you to add items directly to this crafting grid from the JEI [+] button.

Bug Reports

Report them here please!

Source Code

Can be found on Github. The changelog is also there.