Potion Core by Tmtrvlr

Hey everyone!

This mod contains a whole bunch of potion effects that I plan to use in some other mods! There is no way to get the potions besides the creative menu in this mod, but check out Not Enough Potions, which has recipes and new brewing mechanics.


Spoiler for here are quite a few added potion effects, including:

Slowfall – Slows your fall and prevents some fall damage at level 1, and all fall damage at level 2.

Levitation – Forces you to float upwards – similar to the 1.9 potion.

Trueshot – Increases projectile damage (like how strength increases melee damage).

Klutz – Decreases projectile damage (like how weakness decreases melee damage).

Vulnerability – Increases all damage to you (like how resistance decreases all damage to you).

Recoil – Reflects a portion of damage back to the attacker.

Drowning – Makes you only breath underwater.

Weight – Negative jump boost; makes it so you can’t jump up a full block.

Step Up – Increases your step height so you can step up a full block.

Reach – Increases your reach distance.

Climbing – Lets you climb walls like spiders.

Corrosion – Damages your armor and held item (except for gold items/armor).

Repairing – Repairs your armor and held item.

Extension – Prevents one other potion on you from ticking down per level. Essentially doubles the length of another potion on you.

Solid Core – Gives you knockback resistance.

Flight – Lets you fly like in creative mode.

Random Teleport – Teleports you to a nearby location.

Surface Teleport – Teleports you to the top surface block.

Spawn Teleport – Teleports you to your spawn point if you stand still with it for 10 seconds.

Combustion – Sets you on fire.

Lightning – Strikes you with lightning.

Explosion – Explodes you.

Burst – Creates an explosion at your position that doesn’t hurt you (only your enemies), and doesn’t do block damage.

Revival – If you die with this effect on, you will revive with 2 hearts per level.

Launch – Shoots you up into the air.

Love – Causes breedable entities to breed with eachother.

Disorganization – Shuffles your inventory

Spinning – Causes you to spin uncontrollably

Perplexity – Reverses your controls so forwards is backwards, sneak is jump, etc.

Cure – Clears all bad potion effects from you.

Dispel – Clears all good potion effects from you.

Antidote – Prevents you from taking poison damage.

Purity – Prevents you from taking wither damage.

Chance – Gives you one random potion effect per level for a minute (or instant if it’s an instant effect).

Bless – Gives you one random good effect per level for a minute (or instant if it’s an instant effect).

Curse – Gives you one random bad effect per level for a minute (or instant if it’s an instant effect).

Inversion – Inverts all potion effects on you (like regeneration -> wither, strength -> weakness, etc.).

Spoiler for t also changes the way a few vanilla potions work:

Blindness – Now the fog comes closer per level (making you more blind), and it also affects mobs, so they won’t attack you unless you are close to them.

Invisibility – Fixes invisibility so like before mobs won’t aggro to you with it on you unless you are holding items or wearing armour. The distance they can notice you at increases with each piece of armour worn and item held.

Haste – Makes it so haste makes you attack faster.

Mining Fatigue – Makes it so mining fatigue makes you attack slower.

Most settings can be enabled/disabled/modified in the config files.

This is a regular mod; just install forge and then drop this in your mods folder! If you don’t know how to install forge, there are many tutorials out there.

Yes, this is allowed in modpacks. Just link back to curse or minecraftforum, and list me as the author.

There is an old beta version for 1.7.10. I don’t plan to update it further, but it’s there if you really want a version for 1.7.10.

If you want to use this mod in one of your mods,

Spoiler for ou can load it as a library by:

  • Going into the Files on curseforge, and clicking on the file name you want to download it for
  • Scrolling down to the related files on the bottom.
  • Download both the deobf and sources files.
  • In your forge dev environment, create a libs folder.
  • Drag both files into the libs folder.
  • If you are using eclipse, go to the libs folder, right click on the deobf file, and click Build Path -> Add to Build Path
  • It should now be loaded at the bottom of Referenced Libraries.
  • Try to open a class, click Add Source, and point it to the sources file.
  • It should now be loaded as a library.

Enjoy the potions!